Omoda wants more out of feedback and appoints Mopinion as its partner

Omoda is a well-known Dutch shoe store chain with well over 20 physical stores and an extensive (international) webshop and online shopping app. In 2000 the Omoda store concept as we know it was launched and in 2007 online shopping was adopted. The combination of physical shops and an online store turned out to be a golden opportunity, as one certainly cannot do without the other. Of course, a lot has changed in the past year and Omoda’s online store has gained momentum — though that doesn’t change the fact that the physical stores also ensure great brand awareness and a memorable (in-person) experience with Omoda.

That being said, we’re proud to announce that Omoda just recently started working with Mopinion’s user feedback software. To give you a better idea of how this top brand runs their feedback programme, we spoke to Elodie Janse, Customer Experience Manager at Omoda about their customer focus, the customer experience and of course feedback.

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Email feedback within Omoda

Gathering customer feedback is certainly not a new concept for this retail store. At Omoda, the customer comes first and this feedback helps Omoda create the ultimate customer experience.

The retailer currently collects feedback by sending short surveys by email. Via these surveys, Omoda gains insight into what the (online) shopping experience is like for its customers. After their purchase, customers receive a follow-up email with questions about the service and/or delivery.

The customer service department also collects feedback and is not only there to answer questions, but also to think proactively with the customer. This feedback clarifies exactly what the customer expects and needs. Additionally, customer service uses feedback forms which employ metrics such as Customer Effort Score and Net Promoter Score, so that they can improve the service.

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Source: Omoda

During our interview, we asked Elodie about the current response rate of feedback, and it appears to be variable at the moment.

“About 15-20% of customers leave feedback about customer service and their experiences in our physical stores. Online, however, this number is slightly lower, but that makes sense ”, says Elodie. “Our online customers have had no personal contact, so we believe that they have less of a need to supply feedback, for example. These online customers also only receive the feedback form by email once they’ve received the product they ordered. We think it will be much more effective to ask them for feedback in “the heat of the moment”. So we are very curious whether this number will change once we have fully integrated Mopinion feedback into the website.”

More feedback on the agenda

Feedback is primarily being collected via the website, but Omoda would like to expand this further and make optimal use of Mopinion. For example, the online checkout process is on the agenda and the FAQ and product pages will soon be provided with feedback forms.

“At the moment all responses are read and processed by a number of colleagues. We manually forward the feedback to the right departments, so as you can imagine this takes quite a bit of time, says Elodie.

That is why we are happy with Mopinion, everything is now automated, which means we can share information and make transitions much faster

Additionally, the text analytics that Mopinion offers really adds value for us. The incoming feedback is scanned for subject or keywords, enabling us to immediately identify who the feedback is relevant for and subsequently get passed on to the right department.” says Elodie.

Omoda and Mopinion

So why did Omoda put all of its trust in Mopinion?

Elodie tells us that the feedback tool Omoda was previously using simply did not provide the insights that Omoda needed.

“For a few years now, the Management Team and various departments have been steering on figures and feedback from our customers and with our former tool, the dashboarding options unfortunately weren’t sufficient. This is something we missed, because we really needed good dashboarding in order to draw the right conclusions. ”

And so Omoda fell into the trusty hands of Mopinion.

Mopinion met our requirements and is a major player so that was reason enough for us to choose their software

Source: Omoda

Omoda never stands still

Omoda anticipates continued growth in the amount of online shopping, though not as much as in recent months. Why? Despite the fact that customers are being forced to shop largely online, there are still plenty of customers who prefer to visit an Omoda store.

“For example, we often see that customers prefer to buy children’s shoes in a store. Many times the different models have already been researched online, but these customers still want personal advice about the shoes. This means that Omoda must also continue to measure the service in the stores, so that all customers go home satisfied. With a pair of shoes, of course!”

Furthermore, Omoda is constantly evolving. In fact, Elodie is fully aware of all online trends and is looking forward to offering Omoda customers an even better online shopping experience.

“Customer feedback determines our starting point. From there we gain insight into what needs improvement and which projects we are going to tackle.”, says Elodie.

Stay tuned to find out how Omoda moves forward with these plans!

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