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Mopinion now integrates with chat software solution Rocket.Chat

Good news project management junkies! The Mopinion webhook feature now enables you to integrate Mopinion with all of your favorite Rocket.Chat channels. Rocket.Chat is an open source chat software that enables teams to communicate and collaborate by way of file sharing, real-time chat and audio/video conferencing.

With Rocket.Chat, the same configuration options as with other tools, such as Slack, are available (based on set conditions), meaning you can push certain feedback items – depending on your settings – directly to Rocket.Chat.

Essentially how this works is the feedback is posted as a json payload (Javascript object) to your Rocket.Chat endpoint. From there, you can decide – based on preset criteria – when you’d like to post feedback data to Rocket.Chat. For example, you can have your feedback pushed to Rocket.Chat when it is a low NPS score, the feedback item is categorised as ‘bug’, and much more.

Integrating Rocket.Chat using webhooks

To set this up within the Mopinion software, you’ll go to Settings > Webhook. Here you will be prompted to fill in a form with all of your settings. You can start by giving the webhook a name, selecting a type of webhook (options included general or the Rocket.Chat webhook), and choosing your endpoint (most of the time this will be the URL where the feedback data will be sent to). For instructions on how to generate a webhook URL (or endpoint), click here.

Mopinion: Mopinion note integrates with chat software solution Rocket.Chat - Webhook with endpoint

Then you can select your parameters. The parameters are the feedback fields you want to post, for example, if you only want to send the score and the feedback comment. The default for this function is all parameters (all feedback data), unless you want to specify parameters with an alias. In which case, you’ll select parameter and type in the alias next to it.

The last step is then to decide when the webhook should be sent. You can do this by selecting a condition. As you can see in the example below, this is when the visitor submits a 1 or 2 as their answer to the question ‘What is your opinion of this page?’ in your feedback survey.

Mopinion: Mopinion note integrates with chat software solution Rocket.Chat - Saved webhook

Get connected!

Start pushing your feedback to your favorite Rocket.Chat channels today and never miss a thing!

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