Themes upgraded: Cleaner, faster, better, stronger design!

Themes upgraded: Cleaner, faster, better, stronger design!

Your themes section has just gotten a renovation! Managing feedback forms should be effortless, and the design part of the process is no exception. This is why your new and improved Mopinion design space makes managing, creating and editing your themes a smooth experience from start to finish.

There is value in collecting feedback in many places as it gives more pointed and accurate data from relevant users. For example, you ask questions about the check-out process during the check-out and questions about your mobile app, in the app.

But this means that your feedback forms can stack up quickly. Email campaigns, general feedback forms, in-app feedback, NPS surveys, CES surveys, the list goes on and on. Of course, it does! Different channels and different purposes require various types of feedback forms.

It is only natural that the forms you create need a different look and feel depending on where they are placed and what their purpose is. An NPS survey, embedded into an email campaign, might look wildly different from a Customer Satisfaction survey, displayed on your website. But they are both equally valuable.

Seamless and clean designing

This is why designing and managing feedback form themes should be seamless. Something your newly renovated themes section is sure to deliver.

themes overview
The new themes overview

When you create or edit your next feedback form you will find:

  • Easier consistency in theme usage: A clear overview of all your themes, starting with your most used ones, makes it quick and simple to find the one you are looking for.
  • Heightened user-friendliness: A section showing you which theme you are currently working in, and how many forms it’s applied to, prevents you from making mistakes or overwriting a theme that is used in multiple forms.
  • Quickly identifiable themes: Improved theme preview icons and creation process for customised themes make it easier to find the theme you are looking for.
  • Clear theme management: An easy clean-up option among unused or unwanted themes, allows you to keep a clean workspace.

With that said, let’s take a little tour around your new, fresh atelier and check out all your new features. Ready? After you!

Get ready for effortless design management

Themes are design templates in the Mopinion platform. There are a few default ones that you can choose from, but you can also create customised versions that blend into the branding of your digital channels. Your themes include colours, fonts, logos – all the design options you choose when creating a form.

As you know, user-friendliness is key when it comes to feedback form creation and Mopinion’s themes section is no exception to this. Feedback form management should be effortless as it:

  • saves you time
  • allows you to create better campaigns
  • prevents mistakes
  • helps you keep a clean workspace

The changes made to your brand-new themes section will help you achieve exactly this! Let’s dive into the details.

Easily see which theme you are currently using

Many companies use a main theme for most of their feedback forms with slight alterations here and there. This means that the same theme can be used in hundreds of different forms. If you were to edit this specific main theme by mistake, it could affect all of your digital channels.

Well, this is now an issue of the past!

When you edit a form in the Mopinion software and click ‘Design’, the first thing you will now see is which theme you are currently working on and a number displayed next to it. This number shows you how many other forms are using the same theme. If you click on it, you will see which ones, preventing you from applying a design element meant for 1 form, to 30… Or even more!

Themes applied to forms


Increased control over new themes

Another addition you might immediately notice is the button saying ‘Create New Theme’. Previously, a new theme with the name ‘Custom theme’ was automatically added when making any design changes in a feedback form. While automisation can be helpful, it can also make it difficult to get an overview of your different themes. Especially if you don’t remember to give them a proper name.

This is why you now have more control! Before you can start editing the design of a form, you will be asked to create a new theme and give it a name via the button or choose one of our default themes. This makes it easier to keep track of your different designs and find them in your overview.

Last, but not least, the overview is now sorted after the themes that you use most frequently, making it simple to find your favourites!

Keeping it tidy: Easy clean-up

Look, we know how it is. Themes can rack up. You experiment, you use one for one year and another one for the next. But keeping a clean workspace makes feedback design a lot quicker and more efficient.

Therefore you will now be asked if you want to make a little cleanup when you have at least 15 unused themes. And the option to do so in one, clean swoop. No more scrolling through a long list of themes – only keep the ones that you are actually using!

Additionally, if you remove any of your custom themes you will now see which forms use it so you don’t delete anything you still need by mistake!

Themes cleanup


That concludes the end of the tour around your brand-new studio. Are you itching to get started? All that remains is for you to put on your designer cap and start creating some new, custom themes! Or manage a few old ones. The sky’s the limit!

Pssst! Do you want to take your website feedback forms to a new level? Then make sure that you test them on your own website before you put them live. Check out this article about the Mopinion exclusive Deployment Assistant to find out how (and much, much more).

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