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Mopinion partners up with Contentsquare

Mopinion is excited to announce its new and robust software integration with Contentsquare. This powerful new alliance between digital experience analytics and customer feedback combines meaningful context from the customer journey with in-depth voice of the customer data, giving users a full view of the digital customer experience.

Ready to bring your customer feedback to life with an extra layer of visual and behavioural insights?

How to set up the new Contentsquare integration

Similar to our Google Analytics integration, the process is simple:

Note: this integration is available for Mopinion Raspberry only.

  • The user must have Contentsquare and Mopinion running on their webpage.
  • Select the feedback form you want to use.
  • Click on Edit.
  • Under the tab ‘Build’, click the far right tab on the screen, ‘Form’.
  • Toggle the integration to ON.

Once the integration is toggled to ON, a field will be posted along with every feedback item containing a link to that specific user’s session recording using your Contentsquare account.

Mopinion and Contentsquare partner up to provide the ultimate digital experience insights- Add integration

The Benefit

With this new integration, users will gain access to:

  • Views of the journey before and after feedback.
  • Session replays regarding specific feedback items.
  • In-page behaviour lined up with high and low feedback scores.

Once users analyse this data, they can effectively quantify visitor struggles and start taking meaningful actions to improve the digital experience and customer journey.

Luke Price, Head of Global Sales at Mopinion:

We are really excited to get this partnership off the ground. One of the many advantages of this integration is that our shared clients now have the means to obtain a complete view of the customer journey. Contentsquare reveals what the site visitors are doing and Mopinion reveals why. This puts these organisations in a very strong position when it comes to understanding the customer.

Contentsquare’s digital experience analytics platform offers – among others, sessions replay, customer journey analysis and zone-based heatmapping tools which allow users to record behaviour of visitors, map their progress and visualise interactions on the website.

In conjunction with customer feedback – which provides deep insights into the how customers experience an organisation’s digital channels – these recordings and insights into the journey enable users to analyse common paths and behaviour leading up to user feedback.

Mopinion and Contentsquare partner up to provide the ultimate digital experience insights - dashboard

Gilad Zubery, Vice President, Global Business Development and Partnerships at Contentsquare:

Our mission at Contentsquare is to empower all CX stakeholders to deliver superior customer experiences every time, all the time. This integration with Mopinion adds a critical layer of customer understanding and extends the impact of our data insights. By leveraging both technologies, our joint customers will be able to unlock smarter, deeper customer proximity, and confidently adjust the experience.

Ready to get started?

Take advantage and start surveying your visitors alongside in-depth digital experience insights and start delivering a superior customer experience!

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