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Mopinion supports local restaurant entrepreneurs

These are very uncertain times for everyone. In addition to the major health consequences, the Coronavirus COVID-19 also has a huge impact on the economy. Everyone is keeping a close eye on the news, waiting for updates. The government is allocating billions to ensure that companies don’t go under. And all initiatives, big and small are welcome.

As a SaaS company, Mopinion is very fortunate in that the entire team (all 30 of our employees) is able to work remotely. However, for those in the restaurant (or HORECA) business, times are hard and we want to help out in any way we can.

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So we had to get creative…

Charity initiative cancelled

This month, Mopinion was planning to hold it’s very first ‘Social Jam’, a Mopinion charity initiative that the team organises twice a year. During the Social Jam, we roll up our sleeves for a good cause. We do everything from packing in boxes, to delivering items and any other jobs that we as a team can do for a good cause. We believe that – in addition to donations – there’s always enough work to do for charities.

Unfortunately, due to the virus, we had to cancel the Social Jam this spring. So we put our heads together and came up with what we’re calling the ‘Social Food Jam’.

mopinion steunt lokale horeca ondernemers

Social Food Jam: Mopinion supports local catering entrepreneurs

As part of the Social Food Jam, Mopinion will support the local catering entrepreneurs in the Rotterdam area. Now that all colleagues are working at home, the working days are a bit different. Because we are having to socially distance ourselves from one another, some members of the team came up with a great and creative idea.

Now that many local restaurants are closed to the public, all Mopinion employees can order a meal for free from a local business in an effort to support them. The goal is to reach out to the smaller, more vulnerable local businesses so we can make sure they get through these hard times.

Mopinion steunt lokale horeca ondernemers - social food jam

The Results

It’s nice to see that our colleagues where very enthusiastic about the Social Food Jam. Some of our colleagues have supported local catering entrepreneurs, others ordered breakfasts for healthcare personnel. We even had a colleague who supported a local daycare. All great initiatives and very much appreciated. Since we started the Social Food Jam the restrictions have changed and we need to keep our distance more than ever.We hope that that this surreal situation will be over soon and we’ll be able to support each other in person.

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