Mopinion's new office

Mopinion is moving to a new office!

That’s right! Mopinion is leaving the Pannekoekstraat behind and heading for a new adventure that’s, well…right around the corner! We’re moving our headquarters to Het Blauwe Huis on the Mariniersweg in Rotterdam. It may not be far, but it’s certainly a big step for the team. As we continue expanding with new recruits, we had to accommodate this growth with more space.

This new office brings with it many new and exciting opportunities. Not only will we have more space for the team, but it will also include more meeting rooms and ‘focus’ rooms for client meetings and improved concentration for employees. Not to mention the building has a bright blue entrance making it hard to miss and it’s still conveniently located in the heart of Rotterdam!

Packing up at the Pannekoekstraat

One of the new meeting rooms
Soon to be one of the new meeting rooms

Mopinion team painting
Grateful for our volunteers – looks like they’re having a blast painting!

Het Blauwe Huis - Mopinion's office
See? You can’t miss it!

Moving to a new office can feel like a fresh start. Here we’ll continue to improve and offer new solutions and extensions to our software to meet customer needs, but don’t worry – we certainly won’t forget where we came from.

The Mopinion headquarters – now located on the Mariniersweg 151 (1st floor), 3011 NK in Rotterdam – is currently under construction but will be open for business in just a few, short weeks!

We look forward to welcoming you all to our new office very soon! And stay tuned for new updates on our social media channels!

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