Mopinion’s CX-mas Miracles firework

Mopinion’s CX-mas Miracles: Our Gifts From 2021

Season’s greetings! This month, as we edge even closer to the end of another year, we want to look back on all we have achieved in the past 12 months. For this reason, we’ve put a spotlight on some of our most popular new features from this year. Not only that, but in a celebration of where Mopinion is going, we also give you a peek into what you can expect from us in 2022.

As you probably already know, here at Mopinion we really do use feedback as the fuel for our fire. Meaning: the feedback we collect from our users powers everything we do, from marketing to sales to UX. By collecting and analysing feedback, we can create a more complete picture of our user’s behaviour. It allows us to identify issues within our funnel, and to prioritize the updates or changes that need to be made within the Mopinion platform.

We find user feedback to be particularly beneficial to our product development strategy. Each and every new feature or update that we build is most likely a result of a feedback loop. We collect your feedback, we analyse it, and we take action. Our development team was super busy this year, with over 250 improvements made, as we are always looking for ways to develop and better our platform. However, we couldn’t very well list out every single change, so instead we’re going to put a spotlight on our most impactful features from this year. So, this blog is a highlights reel of some of the features you helped to create this year, as well as a little peek into what’s on the horizon…

Let’s kick things off with:

Mopinion Raspberry

Mopinion Raspberry is live!

Earlier this year, Mopinion was delighted to announce the implementation of Mopinion Raspberry, our next generation user interface. Tying together all the favourite functionalities of Mopinion Classic, the Raspberry interface brought a redesigned inbox, as well as a free flow dashboard, allowing users to completely customise their dashboard and tell the true story of their data. This new interface has been a huge success, arming Mopinion users to conveniently collect and manage their feedback with ease. For more details about Mopinion Raspberry, click here.

Multiple Data Sources in One Chart

Shortly after making the switch to Mopinion Raspberry, our clever development team released a feature which enabled users to compare multiple data sources, such as from different feedback surveys, in one chart. Put simply, this new feature allows our users to compare their customer satisfaction score across different channels, their NPS across multiple brands, their goal completion rate across different funnels – as well as compare any other metrics being measured within the users’ feedback forms. Check out this Behind the Feedback story for more details about this unique feature.

multiple data sources

Email widget editor

Another great feature we released this year is the email widget editor. Using this feature, users can quickly and effortlessly create and deploy beautifully branded email surveys that mesh perfectly with their brand style. We added a previewing option within the interface, enabling the user to send a sample email survey to any email address and investigate if the formatting is correct. The result? A more unified email feedback experience that lures in more user feedback from your email audience and therefore enables better email campaigns!

email widget editor



This exciting new feature, in-app notifications, also went live this year. The live event stream informs users about important activities from team members, such as creating new feedback forms, adding notes, editing dashboards, and creating new reports.

Basically, we have this platform where users can create a lot, they can create and deploy their forms, put notes on feedback, add users, but there wasn’t really any way for our users to get insights into how the app is being used by their colleagues.

Anwar Jebali, Head of Development at Mopinion

Perhaps you really want insight into the changes that occur when forms are being created, or to be notified when users are deleted from the platform. Well, now, thanks to notifications, you can gain valuable insights into how the Mopinion app is being used.

Enhanced Exports

Another exciting feature we updated this year was our export process. In order to make this function more intuitive, our team got to work and added a number of improvements.

scheduled exports

Firstly, we enhanced our exports by creating a pop-up menu with a number of filters the user can apply when exporting a file to Excel. With these filters, the users can decide which information they want to export, both simplifying and speeding up the process of exporting feedback data to Excel. Next, most recently, we set out to create a schedule to receive automatic exports, as well as a template for exporting data with the same settings regularly. Not only that, but now you can also create a ‘Quick’ template, allowing you to export your data with just a few clicks. Thanks to these easy-to-use export options, we’ve made life easier when it comes to exporting the feedback you collect.

Looking Forward: What to Expect in 2022

mopinions cx-mas miracles

Whew! What a year it has been. Of course, not all of our new updates from this year are mentioned. We’ve simply given a short highlight reel of some star features that our team brought to life in the past year. So if you’re curious about other exciting updates that were not mentioned here, do take a look at our blog to discover other features or functionalities that went live this year. Now that you’ve seen the greatest Mopinion hits of 2021, let’s take a look at what the new year has in store for you.

Conversational Feedback

A new and exciting feature is set to be released in the new year, say hello to Conversational Feedback. Changing the way we handle feedback via a programmable and personalised chat-like experience, this new feature near-guarantees higher response rates for your feedback efforts. Allowing you to make collecting feedback more personal, you can choose the tone of voice, add GIFs, smileys and images to personalise the experience. Check out this Behind the Feedback story for more details on how this feature idea came to be!

Roles & Rights

Another exciting addition on the horizon for the Mopinion platform is the Roles & Rights feature. This functionality comes from the need for more user management within the platform. Currently, our user management options within Mopinion are quite advanced, with different roles and rights levels, such as admin and normal users. However, we thought that it would be wise to upgrade this function even more, to give our users more control over certain aspects of the platform. With this new functionality, users will be able to create their own access levels, deciding which module a user has access to. For example: A user can access both the dashboard and feedback inbox, but can not edit feedback forms and deployments.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Mopinion blog, or sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest information on these upcoming additions to the Mopinion platform.

Cheers to 2022!

cx-mas miracles

As you can see, we have been very busy all year thanks to the feedback we collect. We hope that you also learned a whole lot from your customers this year through the feedback you collect. And if you’re not collecting feedback yet, perhaps 2022 is your year to start. Our users’ feedback informs our product strategy and allows us to prioritise our efforts to suit the customer. Here at Mopinion, however, we don’t like to give too much away too soon, (there has to be room for surprise) therefore, we have only provided a taster of what new features are on the horizon. With that said, we are always looking to hear your feedback and suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

cxmas 2021

And from the entire Mopinion team, may we wish you a happy holiday season: Here’s to another successful year, powered by feedback!

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