Behind the Feedback: Enhanced Exports

Behind the Feedback: Enhanced Exports

Mopinion is gearing up for the release of an improved feature called ‘Enhanced Exports’; a release which will strive to both simplify and speed up the process of exporting feedback data to Excel for our users. In this Behind the Feedback story, you will discover everything there is to know about this handy feature and get a better idea of what’s headed your way!

Not only will we show you why we decided to improve the data export process but also what we discovered in our user research and of course, what we did with the feedback from our users.

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We practice what we preach…
At Mopinion, we are always looking for ways to help our customers get even more out of their feedback programmes. By collecting product feedback from our customers, we continuously discover new opportunities for improvement. From completely new features to the optimisation of existing features, we make it our job to take all feedback into account during our research and evaluations.

Why export your feedback?

Anyone who has ever made a data export from Mopinion knows that it can be useful to combine this valuable feedback data with – for example – data from business intelligence software or other digital tools. The marrying of this data gives you insight into what your customers think of your brand or product, where opportunities lie for improvement and where you stand in the market.

Feedback is also important for various teams within your organisation – from development and design to marketing and customer service. It must form an integral part of your digital strategy across these departments. However, maybe not all of your team members have access to the Mopinion software (and advanced analytics) and therefore require some sort of ‘print-out’ of the data in order to help come up with a solution. For example, combining feedback results with social media campaign results, or informing customer service teams about the figures so that they are more well-equipped to cater to your customers and improve services.

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The path to a more intuitive feature…

Prior to enhancing the export feature, the team received lots of great feedback (both via customer contact with the support team and within online feedback forms) regarding the performance of the feature, leading the team to the conclusion that the feature wasn’t sufficiently in line with the needs of the customers.

For example, our customers found that creating an export was not entirely intuitive. They also indicated that the export was showing too much irrelevant information, i.e. too many columns, occasional empty columns (due to the user not filling in all form fields), etc – meaning that these customers would have to clean up their export file before sharing with their team members and taking action.

Another interesting insight was the speed at which the exports were being conducted. Some customers shared that the downloads were rather time consuming, which slowed down the process of distributing the feedback within the organisation.

Taking these points into account, Mopinion set to work to improve the feature.

Now users can easily export the feedback data they need for a handy and insightful Excel file, ready for use right off the bat.

Jos van der Kooij, Product Manager at Mopinion

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Example of the new export feature

A new and improved export functionality

After thorough research and an intensive testing phase, the export feature was finally brought up to par with the needs of our customers.

So what’s new?
Users who wish to create an export will now see a pop-up menu with a number options which list the various filters the user can apply. With these new filters, the users can decide which information they want to export. For example, if you only want to export feedback about your blog posts, you can select that specific feedback and have it sent to an Excel sheet. Alternatively, if you only want feedback from Google Chrome users, then you must simply set up that filter. And bonus: the Mopinion software saves these filters so that the user can pick up where he/she left off next time.

*Users will also receive a message asking whether what they see is what they want to export. This way they can check whether all data is correct and that nothing is missing before making an export.

Additionally, users can indicate a time period so as to narrow down the amount of feedback in an export. For example, discover how many people have left feedback as a result of a specific campaign between the months of July and September.

What about users working with multiple feedback forms? No problem! Now users can also export feedback from various feedback forms in one go. This will enable comparison of different scores and results with each other.

By popular request, users can also export JSON files with the enhanced export functionality in addition to XLS and CSV, which is useful if the user wants to add the feedback data to another database.

Tip: delete the empty columns. Thanks to the updated export feature, our system shows which fields have not been filled in, so it is easy to exclude them in the export, saving users from an unnecessary number of columns in the Excel sheet. So you can choose whether you want to export inactive or empty fields.

Note: not everything about the feature has changed. The aspects of this feature that satisfy our users have – of course – remained unchanged. This means users can still make an extensive export of all data at once as well as receive the link to the export in their inbox.

enhanced exports

Getting started with our enhanced exports

The enhanced exports feature will help users get even more out of their feedback.

By enriching exports with other data and sharing it with the relevant teams, our users can make the best of their user feedback.

Ready to try the updated feature? Keep your eyes peeled for more information on when this exciting feature goes live!

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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