Mopinion: Mopinion’s 2020 Growth Hacking Landscape - Landscape Cover

Mopinion’s 2020 Growth Hacking Landscape

Welcome to Mopinion’s 2020 edition of the Growth Hacking landscape. For this landscape, we’ve gathered over 80+ Growth Hacking software from 8 key categories in this space. Designed to guide Startups in search of new avenues for growth, the software we’ve selected is affordable and proven to be effective in achieving growth.

Any good growth hacker knows that you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just one area of growth. So be sure to consider all types of growth hacking categories below and how you can leverage these collectively to grow your business.

Mopinion: Mopinion’s 2020 Growth Hacking Landscape - Landscape

Key Software Categories of Growth Hacking

Unsure of a certain category listed in the Growth Hacking landscape? Read below for an explanation.

Digital User Feedback

The first category in our Growth Hacking landscape is Digital User Feedback. Understanding what your online customers want, how they interact with your brand and how they make decisions is critical information for your digital business strategy. There are various types of digital user feedback tools that cater to the needs of growth hackers, including feedback forms, surveys, review tools and more.

Key software in this category include: Mopinion, Survicate and GetFeedback.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition Tools are growth hacking tools that help your business improve in various areas such as content visibility and optimisation (SEO efforts), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), and lead generation. Many of these are geared towards both marketing and sales teams.

Key software in this category include: Moz, Unbounce and OptiMonk.

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Traffic Growth

Generating traffic is critical to the growth of your company as well as for establishing a strong online presence. Traffic Growth Tools are growth hacking tools that help you get involved in online conversations, gain insight into how competitors are doing in terms of incoming traffic as well as help you identify which areas of your website should be optimised to increase traffic.

Key software in this category include: Woorank, Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Email Marketing

From a business perspective, emails are widely used as a cost-effective as well as efficient way of acquiring new customers, boosting sales, building up your brand awareness and fostering a sense of trust among your customers. Email Marketing tools have stood the test of time and are a great way of targeting existing and potential customers with relevant content and news.

Key software in this category include: Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor and Sendgrid.

Inbound Marketing

Considered to be one of the most effective marketing approaches today, inbound marketing tools are focused on bringing in new customers using relevant content and interactions. It is not a fight for attention but rather a way of building up trust with potential customers and introducing new solutions to their problems.

Key software in this category include: HubSpot, Marketo and Salespanda.

Session Recording

Session recording tools record visitors on a website as they click, scroll, type or navigate across different web pages. By analysing the recordings, users are able to identify weak spots; an awareness that helps them optimise their website accordingly. A valuable session replay is one that will provide online marketers and UX designers with deep insights into the user experience of website visitors.

Key software in this category include: CrazyEgg, Contentsquare and Hotjar.

Web Analytics

Every startup should be using some sort of web analytics tool if they aren’t already. These tools provide your business with an overview of performance and therefore actionable insights into your website, enabling you identify customer behaviour.

Key software in this category include: Google Analytics, Piwik and Mixpanel.

A/B Testing & Personalisation

Last and certainly not least are A/B testing and Personalisation tools. While many digital marketers may see these as two separate categories, we’ve chosen to group them into one, seeing as how they often complement each other. According to CXL, “you should have a testing mentality when you do personalization”. So here we’ve listed some of the best multivariate / split testing tools as well website personalisation tools.

Key software in this category include: ABtasty, Optimizely, Google Optimize.

Go get that growth!

In the realm of growth hacking, it’s important not to limit yourself to just one area of growth. Many of these tools can be used together and often complement one another. If you’re thinking about working with these tools or already have them implemented, it might be wise to start with user feedback. For startups in all phases, user feedback is a great way of obtaining deeper insights into why your visitors behave the way they do. It also covers a critical blindspot for a lot of marketers.

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