Feedback inbox reimagined: get insights faster than ever

Feedback inbox reimagined: get insights faster than ever

Our feedback inbox overview page is a popular place. Here you can quickly scan through incoming feedback to gauge your performance, spot trends, assign tags and labels, and more. Now streamlined and improved, you can gather relevant information more easily from this page. Save time by getting key information and data quicker than ever thanks to the new layout and design. Sound good? Keep reading to find out what’s changed.


Less effort, more value—faster!

The feedback inbox overview is where you can view, manage and take action with individual feedback items. Our brand-new feedback inbox overview page allows you to quickly and easily scan and sort through the feedback, thanks to the new layout of information.


With this redesigned inbox overview, you’ll get pertinent information even faster than before, as open comments are now fully visible on the overview, and you can now see upfront which form a feedback item is from.

You’ll now be able to see your scores and ratings up front, directly from the overview. So, it’s never been easier to spot trends, identify a common issue or, if you’re lucky, a common reason for positive feedback. You’ll also see key information like the form name, the channel, and the respondents contact information (if they provide it).

This new and improved overview also impacts the ‘quick view’ sidebars, so, for example, when you click on a chart in your dashboard you can see the feedback results, with this new order of information.

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These improvements mean taking action with the feedback you receive is also even easier than before. Get key information faster than before, then use our action management tools to follow up, share the feedback with the right team and drive decisions with your users’ feedback.

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