Onboarding Webinar Phase 1:

Form Building & Deployments


In this short webinar you will:

  • Explore the creation of a basic, passive feedback form
  • Explore how to set the deployment condition
  • Walk through the implementation of the Mopinion deployment code through the Google Tag Manager
  • Duration: 45 minutes


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What is the Mopinion Academy?

The Mopinion Academy is an educational platform we are in the process of creating that will serve as a place for our users to learn and to explore the capabilities of the Mopinion software. In addition to the existing Knowledge Base and Onboarding Webinars, the Mopinion Academy will comprise On-Premise Trainings and Video Tutorials, as well as paid services which offer bespoke advice such as Dashboard Consult. Each tool within the Mopinion Academy aims to provide you with the know-how to create a prosperous online customer feedback programme.

Three-part series of Onboarding Webinars

As part of our new educational platform, the Mopinion Academy, this three-part series of onboarding webinar videos – hosted by an expert representative from our Customes Success team – walks you through the basics of getting your feedback programme up and running.