Delta: Enhancing online funnels with customer feedback

DELTA supplies 100% green energy – generated from Dutch and European wind as well as Dutch biomass – to consumers and businesses. Additionally, DELTA provides Zeeland with the fastest and most reliable internet as well as additional services such as television and telephony. The headquarters are located in Middelburg and Vlissingen (the Netherlands), where the quality of DELTA’s infrastructure is guaranteed 24/7. With nearly 500 employees, DELTA works towards its ambition every day: “Making everyday life for our clients more comfortable. That’s what we do it for”.

DELTA has set out to achieve this ambition by offering an optimal digital customer journey. Central to this goal are convenience, service and personal (and pertinent) communication, all of which seamlessly connect with the customer experience of other online channels. DELTA’s website, is the starting point and often the first contact channel for both existing customers and prospects. Via this channel, DELTA offers products and services such as energy and telecom optimally.

DELTA’s aim is to serve the customer online at any time and place with the same message and experience. In doing so, a customer-centric approach is critical. From orientation to purchasing and service, ‘online’ is a channel that we focus heavily on within the channel mix.

Jasper Boonman, Web Analyst, DELTA

The Challenge

“Having launched our new website in May 2016, we wanted to be sure that the new structure, navigation and layout of the website were all ‘in touch’ with our customers’ needs.”

DELTA’s visitors, customers and prospects alike all start their exploration on, where they either come with a service request or are looking for a particular product or service. Through a multi-order environment, one single application can be used for both energy and telecom. For service questions, customers are sent to ‘my environment’ (or ‘MijnDELTA’).

Customer Success Story – DELTA: enhancing online funnels with customer feedback - Delta Online

In particular, DELTA wanted to gain more insights into the ‘reason for visit’ of each of its visitors and subsequently, whether the visitor’s goal was reached during this visit. With such insights, the company would be more well-equipped to optimise the online journey, which would in turn enable them to eliminate any barriers in the orientation and ordering processes.

This need for discovering obstacles within the customer journey, optimising the website and improving overall online performance led DELTA on a hunt for a solution…

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The Solution

“We chose to work with Mopinion due the extensive possibilities offered in the realm of formulating feedback forms (both active and passive), in combination with their customisable charts and dashboards. The service offerings of Mopinion are beneficial to our business as they provide us with simple and direct insights into the possible bottlenecks of the website. Additionally, this feedback analytics tool provides our customers with the opportunity to contact DELTA’s customer service directly.”

Customer Success Story – DELTA: enhancing online funnels with customer feedback - Delta Thermostat

DELTA currently deploys both passive and active feedback forms on their website. Passive forms are clickable via the feedback button placed on almost every page of the website, whereas active forms are triggered when visitors leave the website or close out during any online process. DELTA makes use of feedback scores such as Customer Effort Score (CES), Goal Completion Rate (GCR) and since recently, Net Promoter Score (NPS) as well. NPS is measured in ‘my environment’ and logically so as this is a well-known score for measuring customer loyalty. The scores are analysed based on factors such as the goal achieved, the question in the form, and to what extent the customer will recommend DELTA to others.

“We review the feedback data on a weekly basis, including the results in real-time dashboard. Once this has been done, we close the loop by setting up follow-up actions for each of the feedback items. For example, feedback items accompanied with contact details are handled by our customer service team, whereas feedback items with a negative GCR are handled by myself directly.”

The Result

“Mopinion’s software has already helped us discover a number of barriers on our website, as well as aided in retrieving insights into the ‘reason of visit’ – which was, of course, one of our main goals. As a result, the performance of ordering environments has been greatly improved upon since we first started collecting this feedback.

For instance, we discovered that the confirmation of an application was not necessarily clear for many of our customers in ‘my environment’. Many customers were in doubt as to whether their applications were actually being submitted successfully. Subsequently they would contact us by phone to confirm that their application was received. Once we became aware of this barrier, measures were quickly taken internally to alleviate this issue and a lot of time spent on the phone catering to these customers was saved.

And as previously mentioned, we have also recently started asking our customers to score the quality of service using NPS. With this data we’ll be able to measure online customer satisfaction; these are certainly insights we are looking forward to reviewing.”

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