Free and Easy-to-Use Generic Form Templates

Generic or not – almost every business uses contact and lead generation forms on their websites and mobile apps. Why? Because these types of forms are both customisable, fit-for-purpose and well…necessary. Want to start using your own stylish and effective form templates? Try one of our free generic form templates from the Survey Marketplace!

Learn more about generic form templates below.

What are Generic Forms?

Feedback forms are very versatile in that they can be used for a variety of purposes, including generic forms. Sometimes companies are just looking to collect information from visitors that is not necessarily performance / feedback related. For example, a company hosting an event or a webinar might need a way of collecting registration data.

Mopinion: Free and Easy-to-Use Generic Form Templates - Basics

Alternatively, feedback forms can also serve as contact forms on your website as well as a lead generation tool. The options are endless (assuming you can customise)!

Generic Form Templates

In the Mopinion Survey Marketplace, we have put together four, valuable generic form templates:

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1. Registration Form Template

Registration Forms are great for getting visitors registered in style, while providing an easy and organised way of gathering sign ups for events, such as webinars, trade shows, seminars, etc. They also enable users to collect the exact information they wish to obtain from their registered visitors using custom questions and fields.

Check out the Template here

Mopinion: Free and Easy-to-Use Generic Form Templates - Registration Form

2. Lead Generation Form Template

Lead generation forms are the perfect way of reeling prospects in and understanding their intentions. Done right, they can also aid in opening up a dialogue with your prospects, putting you one step closer to a deal.

So don’t let them slip under your radar and set up your own lead generation form.

Check out the Template here

Mopinion: Free and Easy-to-Use Generic Form Templates - Lead Generation

3. Contact Form Template

Having a contact form on your website is a no-brainer. Your customers have questions, meaning you need a way of letting them ask those questions.

And whether your visitors’ questions are about your services, product or website itself, contact forms are a great and easy way for your visitors to start up a dialogue with you and your team to find what they’re looking for.

Tip: start with asking the reason their contacting you, that way you can categorise requests and prioritise accordingly.

Check out the Template here

Mopinion: Free and Easy-to-Use Generic Form Templates - Contact Form

4. Event Registration Form Template

The event registration form is geared towards gathering sign ups for events. Users can customise the form and make it as specific to the event as they wish. For example, ‘how did you hear about our event?’.

Check out the Template here

Mopinion: Free and Easy-to-Use Generic Form Templates - Event Registration

More on the Survey Marketplace

Mopinion just recently released its own Survey Marketplace, which is a website geared towards providing you with the inspiration and information needed to start using feedback surveys on your websites and mobile apps. This in-depth library of survey templates covers eight categories of surveys.

Mopinion: Free and Easy-to-Use Generic Form Templates - Survey Marketplace

Found a survey that you’d like to try out on your own website? Just click on the ‘Customise this survey’ button and try the template for free (as part of a free trial).

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