How Canterbury City Council leverages online feedback

Canterbury City Council (CCC) is the local authority for the City of Canterbury, which is situated in the county of Kent, United Kingdom. Canterbury City Council, a relatively new client of Mopinion, works with a relatively small in-house team that includes research, analysis, service design, development and content design skills. This team’s goal? Giving their visitors the online experience they have come to expect, by digging deeper into these experiences and better understanding their needs.

In this customer story, Canterbury City Council’s Product Manager, David Newell shares a little bit about how his organisation’s customer feedback programme (with Mopinion’s software) has helped his team become more customer centric online.

Here’s what he had to say…

What is CCC’s approach to becoming more customer centric?

“Our focus is on giving users the online experience that they have come to expect. We do this by getting a deeper understanding of their needs and designing services that make it easy for them to get things done.”

Mopinion: Canterbury City Council leverages feedback to achieve customer centricity online - CCC Logo

“Our priorities are largely based on insight. The team works quickly to solve identified user needs, by analysing a combination of collected data to inform new services or make improvement to existing ones. Then when we launch something new it’s important that we’re able to see exactly how real users are interacting with it, and get their views on how it could be improved. So we take full advantage of the development lifecycle (alpha, beta, live) to gain feedback at every opportunity and ensure that we’re flexible to change.”

Mopinion: Canterbury City Council leverages feedback to achieve customer centricity online - Alpha Beta live
Source: Medium

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No more assumptions…

“This is in contrast to the traditional way of developing a service, which would have been to spend a long time planning – usually based on assumptions and service needs – and then a long time building something, getting internal approval, changing specifications, getting internal approval, changing specifications, and so it goes on…”

“When you work like this, not only are you unlikely to deliver something useful for anyone, but because you’ve spent so much time and effort getting it live, there probably won’t be any changes or improvements made for years.”

So what is CCC’s advice to other organisations?

“If I could offer some advice, it would be don’t be afraid to launch something that isn’t perfect!”

Go live with something that delivers a small amount of value quickly. Work faster and smarter by launching chunks of functionality that give you the chance to make choices based on real feedback, and you’ll end up with a final product that really works for its visitors.

A valued Mopinion customer

In terms of Mopinion forms, currently Canterbury City Council has a general site-wide ‘did you find this useful’ survey, and a satisfaction survey that they send via email when a ‘transaction’ is completed.

Mopinion: Canterbury City Council leverages feedback to achieve customer centricity online - Canterbury City Council Feedback Form2
View the form live on the Canterbury City Council website here

With the latter, they use parameters in the URL, so that they can tell exactly what service they were using automatically, and the standardised format allows them to easily report on that.

Hop on the bandwagon!

As more and more customers raise their expectations regarding personalisation, convenience and overall online experience, there’s no better time than now for government organisations and NGOs to get started (just like CCC)!

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