Coming Soon! Digital Customer Experience Benchmark Report

How does your organisation measure up in terms of digital customer experience management? Just a little bit longer and we’ll show you. With nearly eight thousand professionals selected to participate in Mopinion’s Digital Customer Experience Benchmark report, we will provide insights from professionals active in various fields such as Digital Marketing, Customer Experience and Product Management at leading organisations across the globe. Among the participants were professionals from a wide range of industries including technology, retail & ecommerce, travel, finance, telecommunications and more. So there’s sure to be something useful for everyone!

Mopinion aims to publish its 2023 Digital Customer Experience Benchmark report early next year.

Coming soon -  The Digital CX Benchmark

Can’t wait? Here’s a sneak peek…

  • Only 17% of respondents stated that feedback insights are shared across all relevant departments within their organisation.
  • A whopping 76% of respondents classified themselves as successful in terms of digital customer experience initiatives.

But what about the degree to which digital customer experience data is analysed?

And how many of these organisations are putting an equal amount of attention towards their digital channels as they are their traditional (offline) channels?

There’s a lot to uncover in this year’s edition of the Digital Customer Experience Benchmark report.

What is the Digital Customer Experience Benchmark report?

The Digital Customer Experience (CX) Benchmark measures the level of activity among organisations around digital CX across the globe. The report – drawn up using survey research results gathered by Mopinion – provides an indication of the current state of digital customer experience management.

With a focus on the digital side of customer experience management, the benchmark does not include any data about ‘offline or traditional’ customer experience initiatives. It refers solely to the activities that take place across digital channels and touchpoints such as websites, mobile apps and email campaigns.

The data in this report showcases the degree to which organisations conduct their digital customer experience management activities using three dimensions: Measure, Manage and Master. The report also delves into the active policy of organisations as well as their level of success.

Stay tuned for the report!