Prins Petfoods improves online customer journey with Mopinion

The pet lovers among us are surely familiar with this brand…Prins Petfoods is one of the best selling brands of both dog and cat food. Prins is a Dutch family business that’s been around for a little over 55 years. On top of selling pet food products, Prins also provides professional advice and is often involved in conversations about animal welfare.

The organisation recently launched Mopinion feedback software on their website and within their email campaigns. Curious why they’ve chosen feedback as their solution? Or want an inside look at how their programme is running so far?

Data & Communications Specialist at Prins Petfoods Romy Kälin fills us in…

Customer Story Prins Petfoods - office

A Variety of Online Channels

“Our goal here at Prins Petfoods is to improve animal welfare by sharing our knowledge through various online channels. We want to be both visible and available online, so that we can help consumers who are looking for suitable products for their pets.”

The website is one of the most important online channels for Prins Petfoods, as it serves various purposes for consumers and business partners. On the website, visitors will find product information, points of sale and a nutrition guide.

Customer Story Prins Petfoods - CareTeam

Additionally, Prins Petfoods’ website offers CareTeam support. The CareTeam answers a wide range of questions about dogs and cats for its visitors – all within 24 hours – alongside advice and guidance, if desired. Customers can ask questions via chat, phone, website or on social media channels. Is it a more complex question? Prins will then consult a veterinarian or other expert.

But the website isn’t their only focus. Prins Petfoods’ newsletter is also an important online channel for the organisation: “The purpose of newsletters is to share useful and surprising content with our customers and partners,” explains Romy.

How Mopinion caters to their specific needs

With a new website project on the horizon, Prins Petfoods just recently started using Mopinion feedback. Their main goals include measuring the user-friendliness of the website and mapping the online customers satisfaction of website visitors.

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“By the end of 2020, we intend to start building our new website, so we needed a solution that would help us formulate points for improvement for the new website. Not to mention, every page on our website serves a different purpose so being able to collect feedback in a number of different ways was key.”

But the website isn’t the only channel Prins Petfoods collects feedback on…

“We also needed a way to build off of the customer behaviour insights we receive through our email marketing platform. Previously we had no way of knowing what our email recipients actually thought of the content we were sharing. And now we get a much better picture of the performance of our campaigns.”

After comparing multiple tools, Mopinion proved to be the best in terms of price and features. The tool is very user-friendly so you can get started right away. Mopinion displays the data in an easy and digestible manner, which is nice when converting data to reports.

At Prins Petfoods there are multiple online journeys because visitors on the website have various goals. Some examples of important conversions Prins measures include filling in a form, going through the nutrition guide and contacting the CareTeam.

“It’s a challenge to measure what is ‘successful’. In our eyes, a web page or a newsletter that is viewed frequently doesn’t necessarily define it as successful”, says Romy.

The point is that content is valuable to our customers, whether the goal is to inform, entertain or share knowledge. These were the insights we were missing, so we are really happy with our decision to start using Mopinion.

As a Data & Communications Specialist, Romy knows better than anyone how important customer feedback is. “By collecting as much information and data as possible, we gain insight into online customer satisfaction and the user friendliness of our website. The goal is to identify areas for improvement so that we can further optimise our website and emails.”

customer story Prins Petfoods - website

Prins Petfoods’ Feedback Strategy

Prins Petfoods collects feedback in several different ways, using various metrics.

Website Satisfaction
Using a passive feedback form (feedback button on the side of the page) on multiple pages of the website, Prins Petfoods collects feedback on general website satisfaction.

Satisfaction of email recipients
To measure the performance of their email campaigns and quality of the content, the team uses embedded forms in their emails. These forms use thumb scoring, which means they show a simple ‘thumb up’ or ‘thumb down’ to measure the opinion of the reader.

Performance of the CareTeam
“With Mopinion we also measure the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of our CareTeam. We do this by collecting feedback at the bottom of our emails, after the last moment of contact and on the CareTeam page. Then we convert all of this data into monthly reports for review”.

They also collect Goal Completion Rate (GCR) to understand if customers have achieved their goals using the CareTeam’s support.

In addition to these KPIs, we also take a closer look at many of the comments attached to the feedback. If there are negative comments in the mix, we correct the error or the improve the process (where necessary). Using these insights we can also answer visitors’ questions directly.

The Result

Using the aforementioned KPIs and contextual insights (from the comments), Prins Petfoods can further optimise the website and emails, and improve customer contact.

“Overall Mopinion was easy to implement, and could be done without having to make any major changes to our CMS. We were up and running after adding just a few lines of JavaScript. Creating and fine-tuning various feedback forms works intuitively and is possible without any technical knowledge. The option to deploy feedback forms in multiple languages, depending on the domain name was also a pleasant surprise. And we have been able to solve various bugs and optimise the user-friendliness of the website”.

At the moment, they have yet to determine what the influence of feedback is on the number of conversions as the project has just started and forms have only been on the website for a few months.

In the near future, Prins Petfoods hopes to make its website and email campaigns even more user-friendly using feedback. The organisation also hopes to optimise the entire online customer journey in order to continue improving online customer satisfaction.

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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