Self-hosted Surveys

Self-hosted Surveys – First party feedback collection

There were doubters, naysayers, and sceptics who claimed it couldn’t be done. They said it was impossible. But today, my friends, we proudly declare: Yes, we can! Mopinion has done it. We have shipped “Self-hosted Surveys” – a game-changer in feedback collection. One day, marketers will reflect on this pivotal moment and acknowledge that there was a time before Self-hosted Surveys and a time after.

This is how this announcement would’ve sounded in a Hollywood Summer Blockbuster, preferably shouted by Morgan Freeman. But let’s cut to the chase, shall we? What exactly are Self-hosted Surveys, you may wonder?

Get more control and security by hosting our survey scripts yourself. This privacy-friendly solution transforms “third party” feedback collection into a self-hosted party!

As a marketer it can be quite the challenge to get your optimisation software up and running on your website. Many tracking, feedback and analytics tech can be installed via a simple JavaScript snippet (also known as a ‘tag’ or ‘widget’); add the snippet to your tag management solution, like Google Tag Manager, and you’re good to go. Right?

But wait … not every Compliance or Security officer is happy with that. And also, those page speed fanatics down the hall might have their concerns. Does this external script affect load times?

This is the reason why we came up with something fancy and new:

Self-hosted Surveys!

Gone are the days of solely relying on the external JavaScript snippet installation. With this groundbreaking solution, you can now also choose to host the Mopinion feedback snippet (a.k.a. JavaScript tag) yourself, making it a truly ‘standalone experience’.

How does it work?

Picture this: You have a website, and you’re eager to collect valuable feedback from your users. Traditionally, you would have to install our JavaScript snippet to make it happen, probably by copy/pasting our JavaScript snippet in a tag management solution like Google Tag Manager. Easy peasy.

Although there are many benefits to that quick and swift approach, with Self-hosted Surveys, we have added an extra option that brings more control and security, by hosting our survey scripts yourself.

Host surveys yourself

This means that you have complete control over the entire feedback collection process. You are able to decide which version of the survey script you want to run. This makes it easier – for example in case of errors – to trace back when the survey script has changed. No more dependencies, no more relying on external installations – it’s all in your hands.

We understand the importance of customization and flexibility when it comes to feedback collection. With Self-hosted Surveys you can still tailor the survey appearance, behaviour, and targeting within the Mopinion platform like you normally would. The only difference is that the survey code runs on your end.

Just to be sure: we still support the easy peasy JavaScript setup as well.

Take control of your data

With Self-hosted Surveys you gain enhanced control over performance, security, and compatibility. You can ensure a seamless user experience while maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

At our core, we always prioritise the security and privacy of your valuable data. By hosting the JavaScript yourself, you gain an extra layer of security.

You are in full control of the data you collect, allowing you to align with your organisation’s stringent data protection policies and compliance requirements. Sensitive information, for example Personal Identifiable Information (PII) like contact details of your customers, remains within your own infrastructure, safeguarded by your established security protocols.

No more cookies for you!

As a third-party solution, we understand that navigating cookie policies can sometimes be a complex endeavour. However, by hosting the survey script yourself, you no longer run feedback forms ‘from a third party’. This significant shift has tangible benefits for compliance.

When you load the script directly from your own domain, you eliminate the need for users’ browsers to fetch external scripts from our end. This ensures a seamless integration that aligns with your cookies policies and complies with privacy regulations. You are no longer relying on third-party scripts, simplifying the compliance landscape and providing a more streamlined experience for both you and your users.

Cookie monster

Of course you can still use cookies. Nothing wrong with that. The difference is that the cookies are set from your end and not a third party (like us). So you do not need to mention us in your website cookie policies (anymore). Also, you can still use cookies to trigger a survey to appear or pick-up data from a cookie and add that to the feedback you are collecting.

CSP headers

Many corporate websites today are secured with a Content Security Policy, also known as a CSP. With Self-hosted Surveys you don’t have to adjust the so-called “CSP headers” (the section where you define which assets are allowed to be loaded into the web page), because you host the survey script yourself. The feedback forms are now part of your website’s code base, so no need to specify them separately in your CSP.


We believe that compliance shouldn’t be an obstacle to effective feedback collection. With Self-hosted Surveys, you can confidently navigate the intricacies of data protection regulations while delivering exceptional user experiences. In many larger enterprises it can be challenging to get an external solution running on your company’s website. With Self-hosted Surveys you will soon be best buddies with your compliance officer because there will be no external code running on your website. It’s a win-win situation, allowing you to prioritise both security and seamless user interactions.

Website performance

Hosting feedback surveys yourself also provides a potential performance optimization advantage for your website. How? By eliminating the need for requests to our servers.

Not that they are slow of course… 😉

We already provide one of the fastest feedback scripts in the market. But, making a request to an external server could be slower than loading it from the same (your) server. There is simply no need for extra server requests with Self-hosted Surveys. With this new solution, the survey script is hosted directly on your own server. This means that your website can load quicker, delivering a seamless user experience to your visitors. With a lightning-fast website, you can capture and retain the attention of your visitors, maximising the potential for successful interactions and conversions.

Tailored for Enterprises

Enterprises such as banks, telcos, and large online retailers require robust solutions that uphold stringent data security and privacy standards. With Self-hosted Surveys we offer a tailored website feedback collection platform that meets their specific needs.

For banks and online retailers for example, confidentiality and data security are paramount. With Self-hosted Surveys you maintain full control over your data, ensuring compliance and protecting sensitive client information.

We understand the challenges faced by these industries and have tailored Self-hosted Surveys to address their unique requirements. Our solution offers advanced data security features and scalability, meeting the highest industry standards.

So, to sum up the main benefits of this latest release:

  • Full control | Offers control, customization, and flexibility in managing the feedback collection process.
  • Security | It enhances data protection and security by allowing you to maintain control over the data you collect and provide a “first party” experience to your users.
  • Compliance | Hosting the survey script yourself simplifies compliance with cookie policies and content security policies (CSP). It is tailored for enterprises with high security and privacy standards.
  • Performance | By eliminating external server requests, it might improve website performance and user experience.

Start today

To get our latest survey solution up and running you might need some help from your friends in the Web Development team. But don’t worry, we are here to help them if needed. There is documentation available here to get the ball rolling…

Self-hosted Surveys can be used with every plan of Mopinion. Are you an Enterprise customer and interested in self-hosting your surveys? Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager, to get you up and running as soon as possible. Additional setup costs may apply.

Welcome to the world of Self-hosted Surveys – the future of feedback is here!

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