The State of Retail in 2021

Discover ‘The State of Retail in 2021’ with Wijnand Jongen

Welcome back to 360 Digital! In the last episode of our podcast series 360 Digital we talked about how to take a strategic approach to experimentation and Stephen Pavlovich from gave us some great insights on how digital enterprises can set up a successful, data-driven experimentation process. In episode #3 however, we are going to dig into a topic that has been a popular subject amongst all digital roles lately: The State of Retail in 2021.

For this episode we joined forces with Wijnand Jongen – President of Ecommerce Europe, bestselling author and founder/CEO of – a true retail expert.

A brand new episode with Wijnand Jongen on 360 Digital

The State of Retail 2021

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of businesses all across the globe undergo quite a bit of strain. And the retail industry was really no exception. In this episode, Wijnand walks us through how exactly the transition from in-store to online affects the retail industry as a whole. He outlines what kinds of learnings came out of the pandemic and how organisations can actually use these learnings for future success. He even goes further by outlining how to use these learnings as a CEO from a retail company to improve your chances of remaining successful in these times.

Ready for some real retail insights that will take your ecommerce organisation to the next level?

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