Inside the Voice of Customer program of Reale Seguros

Reale Group is an international group operating in Italy and Spain. With nearly 4 million policyholders, this solid market player offers its proposition in the insurance, banking, real estate and services sectors. And with its somewhat recent debut in the Chilean market in 2016, Reale Group has expanded its operations to Chile with its subsidiary Reale Chile Seguros Generales S.A.

As part of that expansion, the organisation has also made efforts to improve its online processes for both policyholders and prospective customers. Matteo Vassallo, Customer Experience Specialist at Reale Seguros walks us through his CX journey using Mopinion.

In search of the Voice of Customer

Prior to working with Mopinion, Reale Seguros was well aware of its need to listen to the customer. Its lack of customer insights meant that the team had no way of knowing how its customers were experiencing both the website and the portal environment where critical tasks are performed such as payments and accessing account details.

“The Reale Seguros website is a place where we can create brand awareness, but also where we can support our customers, help them achieve various online tasks and of course, access the user portals.”

Reale Seguros customer story with Mopinion

That being said, Reale Seguros embarked on a search for a solution that would cater to their customer experience methodology and enable them to map all customer journeys, including the digital ones. In other words, a tool that would bring them insights into the customer experience and ultimately fuel their digital strategy and voice of the customer program.

Customer feedback is the perfect place to start when it comes to the CX methodology

Matteo Vassallo, CX Specialist at Reale Seguros

“We decided to start with optimising our digital channels because showing changes would be much faster and agile. We were previously optimising the website based on internal assumptions rather than consulting our customers first. This was neither a sustainable nor user-friendly approach. Hence our search for a viable feedback solution.”

They also wanted a software that would supply this data in real-time, enabling them to iterate quickly and close the loop with customers with the help of their customer service department.

A well-rounded solution with a user-friendly interface…

“Our objectives with employing a feedback solution were two-fold: improving the website with voice of customer data and creating real-time feedback ‘tickets’ for our customer service department which would help them effectively close the loop with customers.”

Matteo goes on to share that Reale Seguros was impressed with the affordability, user experience and user interface offered by Mopinion.

“We evaluated a number of competitors, however they all seemed to fall short in one area or another, but especially in regards to the user interface (UI). In fact, the UI played a rather large role in our decision-making process and when we saw that Mopinion’s UI was really user-friendly and easy to navigate, it was a no-brainer.”

Reale Seguros leverages feedback in two different ways: on the homepage of its website and within the user portal. The homepage survey is deployed passively, meaning that it is always visible via a feedback button on the side of the page, whereas the user portal survey is deployed actively (appearing around 15 seconds after logging in).

One of their key metrics, Net Promoter Score (NPS), is used across the entire organisation (as well as the Group) and enables Reale Seguros to gather loyalty insights from its existing customers. This is, of course, integrated into their feedback forms.

NPS survey on Reale Seguros website

“We really value this feedback and have therefore set up alerts that immediately notify our customer service team when negative feedback has been submitted. This enables us to quickly follow up with the customer and close the loop.”

How to Close the Customer Feedback Loop

Ensure your customers and prospects ultimately remain happy, loyal customers.

Feedback trends lead to profitable conclusions

Reale Seguros has worked with Mopinion for a little over a year now, and in that period they have made quite a few interesting findings.

One of the most impactful optimisations we have made since using Mopinion was an issue we were experiencing with our login page. Thanks to the feedback we received from customers, we were made aware of the fact that not all customers were able to access the portal. This was a huge discovery seeing as how this problem was essentially preventing these customers from conducting important tasks within the portal.

Reale Seguros has since also modified the way in which they display their policies to their customers. Thanks to the feedback received, they were able to make data-informed decisions about how to display these policies in a way that better catered to their customers.

And lastly, Reale Seguros has been able to close the loop on more than 200 incoming feedback items from customers who had a poor experience since February 2022. They made sure these customers were promptly contacted and cared for, whilst simultaneously improving the experience for them along the way. The actions taken on these feedback items will undoubtedly impact customer loyalty and satisfaction.

A promising future with Mopinion

Reale Seguros has some exciting plans coming up within its voice of customer program. Matteo shares that they intend to start deploying more surveys across different parts of the funnels in the coming months. They also have big plans to improve reporting and data visualisation by implementing the Mopinion API. This will give them a more holistic view of the customer experience.

“Thus far Mopinion has proven to be a great solution for developing a customer experience path (and not just digitally). By showing concrete results, we’ve managed to gain the support of upper management. They are fully invested and onboard with the concept of gathering more and more customer feedback in the coming years. This may serve as a potential competitive advantage in Chile especially!”

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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