Digital Customer Experience Benchmark 2023

Digital Customer Experience Benchmark 2023

How does your organisation measure up in terms of digital customer experience management? The Digital Customer Experience Benchmark 2023 tells all. This report reveals some interesting insights into how organisations across the globe are keeping pace with digital customer experience management.

In order to succeed in a more complex digitising world, you need to offer your customers a digital experience that exceeds their expectations. Mopinion’s Digital Customer Experience Benchmark report was created with this in mind – giving you and your team a headstart on how to prioritise your digital CX program.

What is the Digital CX Benchmark?

For this report, nearly 8,000 professionals were selected to participate. These professionals are active in fields such as Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, User Experience and Product Management at leading organisations across the globe. Among the participants were professionals from a wide range of industries including Software, Retail & Ecommerce, Travel, Finance, Telecommunications and more.

What you’ll learn in this report

  • The degree to which organisations conduct their digital CX management activities using three dimensions: Measure, Manage and Master.
  • How each industry ranks on these dimensions
  • Active digital CX policy among organisations
  • Overall (perceived) level of success
  • Future of Digital CX (according to respondents)

Three Dimensions of Digital Customer Experience

The benchmark report focuses on the three dimensions (or phases) of digital customer experience management: Measure, Manage and Master.

Digital CX Benchmark dimensions

The Measure dimension zooms in on how organisations collect feedback via digital channels such as websites and mobile apps.

The Manage dimension measures what organisations do with the collected feedback. In other words, how do organisations analyse and report the feedback within their team or to the board?

The Master dimension measures how well organisations take action on their feedback, i.e. degree to which feedback is regularly discussed internally and used for improvement.

More on the Digital Customer Experience Benchmark

Based on survey research conducted by Mopinion, the Digital Customer Experience (CX) Benchmark measures the level of activity around digital CX among organisations across the globe. The report provides an indication of the current state of digital customer experience management.

With a focus on the digital side of customer experience management, the benchmark does not include any data about ‘offline or traditional’ customer experience initiatives. It refers solely to the activities that take place across digital channels and touchpoints such as websites, mobile apps and email campaigns.

Curious how global organisations score in terms of collecting and analysing data as well as taking action upon that data?

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