Employee in the Spotlight : Gady van Meggelen

Employee in the Spotlight : Gady van Meggelen

Most startups are typified by small, closely-knit teams who often work shoulder-to-shoulder with company founders, sharing creative ideas and plans for betterment. And quite frankly, feedback analytics software Mopinion is no different. In fact, here at Mopinion we consider our people the backbone of our business. They are what makes it possible for us to create and deliver an innovative software that guarantees great value for our customers. So what does a Mopinion employee look like and how do they contribute to our company culture? In this Employee Spotlight series, we sit down with colleagues and learn who they really are and what they do – both in out and of the office.

Meet Gady. She is a Digital User Feedback Specialist who has been working at Mopinion for a little over three years now. Gady is a very hard-working and dedicated employee, but she’s also one of the most vivacious and spirited members of our team.

I recently sat down with Gady to talk about what it’s like to work at Mopinion. Here’s what she had to say…

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight - Gady van Meggelen
Pictured: Gady van Meggelen

What initially drew you to Mopinion?

Gady has a long history of working in sales as well as for startup companies. She previously worked at a startup in San Francisco and quickly fell in love with the ‘vibe’ that went along with it. Short lines of communication, always in close quarters with the managers and the freedom to come up with your own job description.

‘Those are all the same qualities I found in working with Mopinion’, she tells me. It doesn’t hurt that the Mopinion headquarters is located right in the middle of the beautiful Rotterdam (the Netherlands), where she was born and raised.

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight - RotterdamSource: Luke Price Photography

Of course the prospect of working for a startup wasn’t the only reason Gady chose to work at Mopinion. She was also inspired by the industry itself.

‘Technology does and will continue to play a huge role in our lives, now and in the future. Especially if you look at how much we’ve evolved even over the last few years. Technology is changing quickly and I wanted to be a part of that. It’s a really exciting field,’.

What is your favorite part about working at Mopinion?

‘Definitely our team,’ say . ‘Mopinion has a really positive team and it doesn’t matter how busy your colleagues are, they are always willing to help you out or walk you through a process. Plus it doesn’t hurt that we all happen to get along really well – we’re always laughing together’.

She’s also really happy with the laid-back feel of the company and the fact that she can sit down and talk things through, even with the managers. ‘You can really learn a lot from your team members this way…’.

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight - Team

What is one of the biggest challenges you face in your work?

Gady describes that she is more of a face-to-face person and misses the customer interaction she had when she was doing in-store sales. ‘While I love doing demos, sometimes I wish that – rather than showing prospects our platform using a webcam – I could meet my customers face-to-face and really learn who they are.’ But then again, she says, ‘I do love calling and having good conversations with people on the phone’.

What is your proudest moment at Mopinion?

Being a native ‘Rotterdammer’, Gady was ecstatic when Mopinion signed several large Rotterdam-based companies, including a big-time retail company and asset management firm. ‘It really gave me a sense of pride, especially since those were companies I, myself, chose to target’.

More fun tidbits about Gady…

Mopinion: Employee in the Spotlight - Gady van Meggelen

What is your guilty pleasure?

‘Definitely chocolate…Oh! And Robbie Williams, of course’.

Who inspires you?

‘Strong women, like my mom and grandmothers’.

What is your favorite quote?

Without hesitation she says ‘Echt wel’. In other words, ‘yes I can!’.

Who is your favorite superhero?

‘I don’t really have one but I do really like the Joker. Not so much because of the character but I just think Heath Ledger was an incredible actor’.

What is your favorite movie?

‘I’d say my teenage favorite is Pretty in Pink. Mainly because I’ve always loved music, fashion and art (see scenes where Molly Ringwald is sewing her own prom dress). I also love the movie Flawless with Philip Seymour Hoffman (it’s dark, but says a lot about how to people connect and why first impressions aren’t everything).’

What is something that not many people know about you?

She laughs, ‘Well, honestly I love playing Super Mario on the couch with my 6-year-old. We have so much fun together. Not to mention, I’m pretty good!’

Stay tuned for more!

We hope you enjoyed the first edition of Employee Spotlight series! Stay tuned for our October spotlight…

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