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All-in-one User Feedback Software for Digital Channels

Gain meaningful CX insights

Gain meaningful CX insights

Boosts Conversions

Boosts Conversions

Improve customer loyalty

Improve Customer Loyalty

Fine-tune across all digital channels

Collect feedback across all digital channels

Leverage your real-time user insights to make informed decisions. Our software helps you and your team identify gaps in the experience, so you can continuously fine-tune your user experience across your email, website and app channels.

Explore your data

Simplify your research with playful data exploration. Visualise your calculations in personalised charts and compare sets of data and results in one overview. Then take it one step further and dive into the emotions of your visitors with Mopinion’s text and sentiment analysis.

Explore your data
Make data-informed decisions

Make data-informed decisions

Go from ‘we think’ to ‘we know’ and make data-informed decisions using all analytics tools in your toolbox. In addition to our advanced feedback analytics solution, Mopinion also integrates with a wide variety of web analytics tools to further simplify the analysis process.

Marketleaders trust Mopinion

By using real-time feedback dashboards we can easily see which issues we have to work on to enhance the shopper journey and satisfaction. These insights are shared on the teams that work on the specific feedback points.

Rosanne Heijligers, Customer Experience Analyst

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