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Bokadirekt creates the optimal customer journey with consumer feedback

Bokadirekt is Sweden’s largest marketplace and app for booking services within the beauty and health industry. With over 15,000 connected specialists and 6,000,000 monthly visits across all its platforms, Bokadirekt is at the centre of putting clients in contact with business owners. Therefore, it is no surprise that customer satisfaction is a top priority for Bokadirekt.

But, to be able to retain satisfaction, it is important to know the thoughts and needs of your customers. This is why Victor Cabrera, Optimisation Lead at Bokadirekt, and his team focus on collecting consumer feedback. Since May 2023 they have been using Mopinion to help them reach their online goals.

Optimisation Lead at Bokadirekt

We aim to serve our customers online by providing a user-friendly platform that allows them to easily search, compare and book services. We want to make the booking process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Faced challenges in understanding user preferences

Bokadirekt has a unique business model with two sides. The first one is the B2C (business to consumer) side, which allows users to book services via Bokadirekt’s website or app. The second one is the B2B (business to business) side, which is made up of the specialists who are selling their services on Bokadirekt’s platforms. This makes Bokadirekt a natural mediator between the two sides. By communicating with the consumers, they can convey the user needs and wishes to the specialists to create a smoother customer journey.

This is what led Bokadirekt to start looking for a customer feedback solution, such as Mopinion. Victor explains:

Prior to implementing the customer feedback solution, we faced challenges in understanding user preferences and needs, as well as identifying areas of improvement on our website. Collecting feedback is essential for addressing these issues and enhancing the user experience.

Feedback software with flexibility

Initially, Bokadirekt collected feedback with the help of another, simpler solution, which suited their needs at the time. But as they grew and their app was getting some traction, Bokadirekt required a more flexible and capable solution. This is what led them to Mopinion.

“There were two main reasons that we chose Mopinion. The first was the possibility and capability of working with both web and apps. Our previous software had no SDK for apps and therefore no way to collect feedback from them.

The other factor was the overall flexibility and capabilities of the software. The fact that we can collect feedback in many different ways, such as with a feedback button or a slide-in pop-up, is beneficial.”

Bokadirect mobile app survey

Bokadirect mobile app survey

Improved the customer journey

So, what impact has collecting consumer feedback had on Bokadirekt? Victor reports that by using the Mopinion software, they have been able to take specific, data-driven actions to improve their customer journey.

For example, Bokadirekt recently added new payment methods to their services. By asking for feedback during the checkout process, Bokadirekt found that most people wanted to use Klarna or Swish to pay. Klarna was already in place, but Swish was not.

If you aren’t Swedish, we can imagine that you are wondering what this “Swish” thing is, so let us get you up to speed real quick! Swish is a payment method that lets users make payments via an app. Either by filling in the recipient’s phone number or by scanning a QR code. Because it is so easy to use, Swish has become very popular in Sweden during the last few years.

Bokadirekt already suspected that Swish would be a highly requested payment method, but they needed the data to back it up. Both to be able to make an informed decision for their platform, but also to show the specialists (or merchants, as Bokadirekt calls them) the advantage of connecting to Swish.

“If the merchants don’t feel the need to offer a different payment method, we can inform them by saying: ‘Your users really want to use Swish. We have activated it on our side, can you activate it on your side?’. It’s not something we can choose to offer based only on the feedback from the users.

This is why it is really important for us to be able to use Mopinion to both collect the insights from the consumers and to transfer those insights to the merchants.”

Using Mopinion increased Bokadirekt’s app downloads by 65%

By creatively using Mopinion’s capabilities, Bokadirekt has also been able to increase their app downloads by a whopping 65%.

“We promote the app based on particular behaviours in the user journey. In this case, we use a slide-in form from Mopinion, triggered by a specific behaviour. We usually ask for feedback, but in this case, we also ask ‘Hey, did you know that you can do this easier and better on the app? Go ahead and download it here.”

Victor explains again that this flexibility is what made Bokadirekt choose Mopinion as their preferred feedback platform.

“Flexibility is important to us. We don’t want to put too many elements on top of our golden paths, such as pop-ups or slide-ins, that interrupt the user experience. The problem with using different tools is that they don’t talk to each other, which makes us lose control over what we’re showing to users and when.

We wanted to use the same product for anything we put in front of the user, and Mopinion has been a big success.”

“A valuable product for us in enhancing our online platform”

Victor explains that Bokadirekt has had a positive experience and impact using the Mopinion software. He especially mentions the user-friendly interface and the depth of the insight the platform provides.

We would highly recommend Mopinion to other companies looking for a software solution to gather and act upon customer feedback. It has proven to be a valuable product for us in enhancing our online platforms and providing us with flexible and fast ways of collecting feedback.

We – at Mopinion – are curious to follow Bokadirekt’s continued feedback journey!

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