K2 Systems launches Mopinion within its planning software

We’re delighted to share that German solar energy equipment supplier K2 Systems recently rolled out Mopinion feedback within their very own future-oriented planning software K2 Base.

Lucas Toulon, Assistant of CEO at K2 Systems fills us in on the details…

‘K2 Systems stands for worldwide power generation from solar energy. The heart of the company is the development of installation-friendly mounting systems that are tailored to the needs of our customers, though the soul is the common spirit of all employees. Together we define technical innovation and set new service standards for a sustainable future.’

With their online software ‘K2 Base’, K2 Systems provides a powerful tool that helps plan the foundation of a PV installation, the mounting system. This software is a continuously updated and platform-independent online software.

Mopinion: K2 Systems launches Mopinion feedback within its planning software - K2Systems Feedback

‘K2 Base helps our customers with calculation criteria, planning with satellite images, graphic drawing tools for roofs and module field, and produces a complete project report with an assembly plan, structural analysis and bill of materials and much more.’

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Working with Mopinion

Prior to working with Mopinion, K2 Systems realised that there was no way of knowing how users were experiencing the software. They also needed a way to bridge the gap between an accurate and structural-relevant calculation, which is detail-oriented and an intuitive and fast handling of software in general. They ultimately concluded that collecting feedback from their users within their software was the best way of achieving clarity into usability and customer experience.

Collecting feedback is crucial for K2 Systems in understanding which steps our users rate as ‘relevant’ or ‘complicated’. We chose Mopinion as our solution because of its versatility. It is easy to implement, provides a lot of options and allows great insight into customer feedback.

Currently K2 Systems deploys a feedback form within their planning software, Base which is triggered on page leave:

‘Firstly, we ask users if they could achieve their goal (using Goal Completion Rate, or GCR) and if they can rate their workflow with Base. Using Mopinion’s form logic, we ask users to elaborate on the pain point if the initial feedback is not positive. For instance, asking them at which point they experienced difficulties allows us to focus on a specific page and its usability.

Furthermore, coming back to the bridge between complexity and intuition in using software, we ask people if they had issues understanding technical details or if they simply had difficulties navigating in the software.

Mopinion: K2 Systems launches Mopinion feedback within its planning software - Logo

The customisable feedback dashboards allow us to see how our users experience the Base software. Not to mention, the different package options Mopinion offers are perfect and tailored to our needs. And lastly, the software complies with GDPR which was a requirement of ours.’

In the future, K2 Systems hopes to gather much more feedback about the usability of their software and leverage that feedback to ‘change the user journey to a user delight’.

About K2 Systems

Since 2004, K2 Systems has been developing pioneering and highly functional mounting system solutions for photovoltaic installations around the world. Based out of Renningen, Germany, this solar energy equipment supplier designs their systems in their own product development department, where they continually optimise and adapt mounting systems to the ever-changing market. Their customers benefit from their long-standing international experience and expertise, as well as their personal approach to customer relations.

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