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A look back on the Marketing Technology event 2016

It was a great turnout at the Marketing Technology 2016 event this year. Companies from all over the Netherlands came together to listen to fellow marketers, CTOs and growth hackers share their experiences. Among the speakers were big-name companies like Adobe, Philips, Unilever and Transavia.

“By far one of the most common topics at the event was how to tackle digital transformation”, recalls Business Development Manager at Mopinion, Jason Culligan, who also attended the event. “Marketers still aren’t fully sure about how to take their businesses from traditional to digital.” This is a hot topic among many organisations today as this transformation is rapidly changing the way they interact with their online customers.

Mopinion shares some digital feedback insights

As one of the sponsors, Mopinion’s Udesh Jadnanansing, also gave a lecture at the event, explaining how online feedback analytics can increase online conversions and boost sales. Touching on some of the latest trends in digital customer experience, Jadnanansing raised some key questions such as, why customers should be collecting digital feedback and why it’s important to not only focus on quantitative data, such as Google Analytics, but also qualitative data.

Mopinion: A Look Back on the Martech 2016 - Speaker: Udesh Jadnanansing
Udesh Jadnanansing during his lecture at the Marketing Technology 2016

What is the Marketing Technology event?

Marketing Technology is an “annual marketing event packed with tools and techniques for the future-oriented marketer”. In the midst of a transition, the marketing field is constantly introducing new technologies and media innovations, which enable us to work faster and smarter.

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