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Looking back on the Champagne Breakfast in Amsterdam

Picture this. You’re in a crowd of like-minded ecommerce enthusiasts all gathered to learn more about experimentation and testing. Not to mention the champagne is flowing and all of this is unfolding against the backdrop of the beautiful Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam. Sounds pretty nice for a Friday morning right?

Last Friday, 21 February, Contentsquare and Mopinion hosted another Champagne Breakfast in the beautiful Pulitzer Hotel. The theme? ‘Make Experimentation Sexy Again’. During the event, we dove deeper into the world of user testing and how user feedback fits into the equation. We also listened in on many interesting cases shared by big players in the ecommerce industry:

  • Conrad Dujin, Customer Success Manager at Contentsquare kicked off the event with a presentation and shared some interesting user cases.
  • Dave Powell, E-commerce Conversion Manager at TomTom talked about A/B testing and which tools and methods they apply.
  • Erik van Houwelingen, Lead CRO and Web Analytics at Intergamma had 5 controversial cases around A/B testing. He also provided some advice on how to ensure your organisation embraces experimentation with user testing.

User feedback and Experimentation

And Mopinion’s Gady van Meggelen took the podium for the very first time to share how organisations can leverage user feedback to understand WHY customers do what they do. In other words, what’s the story behind the data? She also ran through some user cases with real-life examples of how to combine user feedback with your experimentation efforts.

Mopinion: Looking back on the Champagne Breakfast in Amsterdam - Gady presentation

Curious to learn more about this topic? Check out Contentsquare’s recap of the event here (presentations included) or read this article on validating testing with user feedback.

Why hold a Champagne Breakfast?

We hosted this event together with digital experience platform (DXP) Contentsquare to help get ecommerce teams up to speed on the latest trends within the industry as well as developments within user testing / experimentation. Attendees included Digital Marketing managers, Ecommerce Managers, CRO specialists, UX Researchers and Web Analysts from various branches. We hope that the attendees were inspired and are able to put this new knowledge to practice.

Want to join the next one?

This coming May we will head to Copenhagen for the next Champagne Breakfast with Contentsquare. Stay tuned for updates! Hope to see you there.

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