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Mopinion launches UK operations

Dutch-based Customer-feedback specialist now offers bespoke services to UK businesses with new London office.

London, 10th July 2013 – Customer feedback management software specialist Mopinion, today announces it has launched its UK division with a new office in London.

The expansion of the business is in response to the strong demand for its software products in Europe, where the company already has a proven track record with Global Fortune 500 companies. Well known, internationally-recognised brands such as Vodafone, BMW, Volkswagen Audi Group (including the Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda marques) Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands and Deutsche Telekom, all use Mopinion solutions to gather insight into their customer’s opinions and activity, to offer insightful service and products.

The new London office has been masterminded Co-Founder/ Chief of Revenue Udesh Jadnanansing, who commented on the announcement, “With such a strong portfolio of clients that rely upon our software in the European market, we knew the time was right for Mopinion to launch our UK operations. The UK is a huge market for service industries and our software-as-a-service solutions offer bespoke ways for organisations to ascertain the satisfaction of customers, with detailed and real-time feedback that allows them to rapidly react, across every touch-point, to needs and demands.

Jadnanansing is clear on the essential need for modern businesses to understand customer drivers, especially in the age of social networking whereby any dissatisfied clients have an easy and rapid mouthpiece on which to publicise any unresolved issues, which is damaging to reputation. “Competition in all markets is fierce and organisations cannot afford to lose customers thorough unrecognised problems or issues. The companies that thrive during difficult economic times are the ones that listen properly to their clients, offer the products and services that are wanted and ensure that any issues are quickly identified and rectified as soon as possible. Mopinion’s suite of products can be fully tailored to meet the demands of any business in any sector, offering this competitive edge that can very easily be the make or break of any commercial concern. If you aren’t speaking to your customer and solving their problems, somebody else will.

Mopinion’s software platform collects feedback from all the different touch points within an organisation and allows it to analyse this information from customers and staff on a structural basis. Fully customisable, Mopinion’s solution uses this data in the most appropriate way for the organisation, sending insights to the right department or team in order for staff to take appropriate action. It also monitors if these actions are leading to the required improvements and alerts the response team if this is not the case.  These measures allow a business to stay abreast of its client’s needs and to maintain a positive and engaging perception in the mind of the customer, to cultivate loyalty and repeat business through an enhanced reputation of customer care.

For more details on Mopinion and its products please visit:  mopinionlabs.co.uk