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Mopinion’s 2020 Voice of Customer (VoC) Software Landscape

Introducing Mopinion’s 2020 edition of the (solicited) Voice of Customer (VoC) software landscape. For this landscape, we’ve gathered over 30+ VoC software from 3 key categories in this space. Designed to guide organisations seeking meaningful customer insights, we are certain there is a software for everyone in this mix.

Note: before you start up a VoC programme, it’s important to identify that a well-rounded VoC programme should include three different stages: Collection, Analysis and Taking Action. In other words, you should have a VoC software in place that not only collects VoC data, but also enables your team to anlayse and act on the data you’ve collected. It’s important to keep this in mind when considering a VoC software.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 2020 VoC Software Landscape:

Mopinion: Mopinion’s 2020 Voice of Customer Software Landscape - Landscape

Key Software Categories of VoC

Unsure of a certain category listed in the Voice of Customer (VoC) landscape? Read below for an explanation.

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Digital Feedback Software

The first category in our VoC software landscape is Digital Feedback Software. Understanding what your online customers want, how they interact with your brand and how they make decisions is critical information for your digital business strategy. This selection of tools consists of purely digital feedback players which cater to websites and mobile channels.

Key software in this category include: Mopinion, Qualaroo and Instabug.

360 Degree Feedback Software

360 Degree Feedback Software differs from Digital Feedback in that this type of software caters to all channels (online and offline), rather than solely digital. Many of these software are considered enterprise solutions as they include an entire suite of solutions catered to different channels and purposes.

Key software in this category include: InMoment, NICESatmetrix and VERINT Foresee.

Traditional Survey Software

Traditional Survey Software is a great tool for getting in contact with your audience and tracing feedback. You can use online surveys for all kinds of purposes, such as tracing product feedback, conducting market research, obtaining feedback on customer service
and measuring customer and employee satisfaction.

Key software in this category include: Typeform, Jotform and SurveyMonkey.

Selecting the right VoC Software

Depending on what you would like to achieve, there are a lot of great VoC software out there to choose from. There are also a lot of things to keep in mind when choosing your tool(s), including your objectives in listening to the VoC and the size of your company (are you an enterprise or SMB).

We hope this landscape will provide you with some inspiration when selecting a VoC software solution.

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