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New and improved Product page on the Mopinion website

Want a closer look at what we offer within our feedback analytics software? Based on the feedback of our clients and website visitors, Mopinion is happy to announce that it has recently updated and improved the Product page on its website.

Much more product and software-oriented, this page now serves as a virtual walk-through of our platform’s features and functionalities, indicating the various benefits of these features. It is also much more visual and aesthetically pleasing (if we may) than before. We’ve incorporated screenshots of all features as they appear within our software or on a webpage.

Mopinion: New and improved Product page on the Mopinion website - Feedback forms

A virtual walk-through from start to finish

Mopinion takes you through the whole feedback process from start to finish. Here you can learn about the different options for building feedback forms all the way up to action management and closing the feedback loop.

Here is the full list of main functionalities we touch on:

  • Feedback Forms
  • Visual user Feedback
  • Feedback Form Triggering
  • Reporting & analysis
  • Text & sentiment analysis
  • Collaboration & engagement

Be sure to check out this new Product page and experience the ‘Mopinion difference’!

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

Want to learn more about Mopinion’s all-in-1 user feedback platform? Don’t be shy and take our software for a spin! Do you prefer it a bit more personal? Just book a demo. One of our feedback pro’s will guide you through the software and answer any questions you may have.

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