Feedback analytics software for websites and mobile apps

Feedback analytics software

Boost your online conversions with Feedback Analytics. Mopinion captures user feedback from your website and mobile apps and turns this data into powerful insights. Drive strategy, improve online channels and empower digital teams with faster and better decision making.

Capture feedback

Capture feedback in real-time with our intuitive feedback forms and advanced triggering rules.

Fast analytics

Comprehensive analysis and visualisation of open text and scores. Explore the story behind your feedback data.

Collaborate and Engage

Discuss feedback with your team, assign automated exports and reports, enable proactive communication.

Visualise massive results

Collecting customer feedback has become a commodity. Sure, we do have best-in-class tools to collect quality feedback on your websites and apps. But the real challenge is to turn feedback data into valuable insights.

Mopinion’s natural language processing and machine learning technology combines text analysis with quantitative customer metrics. Our interactive dashboards enable visual data discovery, exploration, and collaboration by everyone on your team. We help you from insights to action.

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Collect Feedback Directly and Dynamically

Bring your own data

Mopinion provides robust and seamless integration with your own feedback data from 3rd party solutions such as feedback collection tools, CRM, ecommerce platforms and more. Add proprietary data using our API or pull custom data stored in spreadsheets into your Mopinion dashboards.

Collect feedback with Mopinion

Are you coming empty-handed? Our feedback collection tools enable organisations to ask targeted questions and capture the digital experience in real-time. Our feedback forms are intuitive, easy to use and adaptable to your corporate look-and-feel, enabling every digital professional to listen to the voice of the customer.

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Boost your online sales with Feedback Analytics software

Instant collaboration

Mopinion provides you with useful insights to make the right day-to-day decisions. Not only for you, but for every member of your team. Through smart alerts, case management and custom workflows we take you from insights to action.

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