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How to improve travel websites and apps with user feedback

The meaning of travel is steadily being redefined. Travelers nowadays want to have more control over the booking and travel process, which has led them to doing so in an online environment. And as a result, businesses in this industry, if they haven’t already, will need to provide optimal user experiences for their visitors if they want to remain competitive. So how can they achieve this goal? The answer is user feedback.


This white paper, titled, “Improving travel websites and apps with user feedback” investigates the benefits of incorporating user feedback into the digital strategy of travel businesses, using various case studies, practical tips and more. Twenty pages of tips, practical information and case studies surrounding user feedback, this is a great guide for digital professionals in the travel industry.

Mopinion: Improving travel websites and apps with user feedback - Plane


  • Introduction
  • Digitising the Travel Industry
  • The Online Customer Journey
  • Collecting Feedback
  • Analysing Feedback Data
  • Enhancing Digital Customer Experience
  • Case Study: TUI
  • Conclusion

About the authors

With this white paper, Mopinion offers a free guide to achieving an enhanced digital customer experience in the travel industry with user feedback. It is written by Udesh Jadnanansing & Kees Wolters, both co-founders at Mopinion, who have guided and advised national and international businesses with setting up dozens of projects relating to digital customer experience and the use of online customer feedback.


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