Translink provides seamless experience with online feedback

Established in 2001 in the Netherlands, Translink operates as the connecting force behind the OV-chipkaart. One card used for accessing all sorts of public transportation, the OV-chipkaart is an easier and more secure way for people to travel. The OV-chipkaart also allows Dutch public transportation companies to make more efficient use of capacity, resources and staff.

With nearly 2 billion transactions per year, Translink has built up a wealth of experience, knowledge and data on contactless payment in public transportation. Translink provides services to consumers on behalf of the public transportation companies, which are directly related to the convenience of using the OV-chipkaart. Services are offered both offline (by telephone) and online (

With our business partners, we are in the process of developing a variety of innovative, well thought-out services for travelers, because they are what it’s all about.

Milou van Hagen, CX Advisor, Translink

The Online Vision

Translink aims to give its customers a personal, relevant and seamless online experience using a mobile-first approach – so that customers can access their personal OV-data at any time or place.

“In the near future, we will provide more options to customers in public transport, such as travelling and paying with their smartphone or debit card – all of which will be supported by our online service channels.”

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With nearly 9 million annual online visitors, Translink’s main online channels are its mobile apps and the mobile website. Here customers are provided with details such as their current travel credit, travel history and their costs. There are also various Q&As and videos available to customers to provide them with more information about travelling with public transport in the Netherlands.

“This year, however, our focus will be on increasing the customer experience of our mobile apps. In other words, we will invest more in really getting to know our customers (with privacy and anonymity carefully taken into account).”

The Challenge

In the past, Translink used (occasional) questionnaires on their website. These were essentially surveys that gauged the general use and experience of customers on the website. However, in return, the majority of feedback received was often influenced by external experiences rather than online services – such as train delays, conflicts with a bus driver, etc.

“Here at Translink, we put customer convenience first. We understand that the customer experience of the OV-chipkaart is part of a larger travel experience and we wanted this experience to be designed with customer-centricity in mind. This meant we needed a way of obtaining insights into customer preferences and the customer experience.”

The Solution and Results

It didn’t take Translink long before they came across Mopinion…

“We chose Mopinion as our solution because their software enables us to quickly and easily collect the customer insights we need, while simultaneously using a much more relevant and personal approach. We apply Mopinion feedback forms both during and at the end of our online processes. In particular, collecting feedback after a customer has used our services has proven to be a great way of determining the level of Customer Satisfaction as well as Customer Effort.”

Additionally, many feedback items have served as a first signal for Translink right after a new feature release. For example, using Mopinion’s real-time feedback dashboard, Translink was able to detect and resolve a bug just hours after releasing the new option to request a ‘Credit refund from an expired OV-chipkaart’.

What’s next?

“We’ve recently just started ‘closing the feedback loop’ by calling back customers to make sure we understand their underlying needs.”

The next steps for Translink will be the implementation of a continuous improvement process based on customer feedback from multiple service channels, including the mobile apps and the customer service centre.

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