The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital

The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital

Businesses nowadays are becoming increasingly more customer-centric on their digital channels, and for a good reason too. Studies show that companies that put their customers at the core of their business are nearly 60% more profitable than those that don’t. So what are these companies doing to achieve this success exactly? Many of them are ‘passing the mic’ to their customers. In other words, giving their customers a voice through customer feedback software such as Medallia for Digital.

Medallia for Digital is a key component of Medallia Experience Cloud. This solution captures feedback on websites and mobile website and in-app and integrates it with offline data from contact centers, retail stores and several other touchpoints. The software also makes use of powerful AI-based text analytics, role-based reporting and real-time alerts. BUT, some might say it’s a rather expensive solution.

Mopinion: The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital - Medallia
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This is why factors such as pricing, useful functionalities (which meet your goals) and user experience are all important and should always be taken into account when choosing a customer feedback software.

So whether it’s an additional feature you don’t want to pay for or you’re just looking for something they don’t offer, there are always alternatives to choose from. Here are 10 alternatives to Medallia for Digital

The alternatives to Medallia for Digital

Below is our list of the top 10 alternatives to Medallia for Digital. Take a look and see if any of these catch your eye.

1. Mopinion

Mopinion: The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital - Mopinion

Mopinion is a customer feedback tool that collects and analyses website and mobile feedback in real-time. With it’s easy-to-use interface, users can build, design and configure feedback forms how they like. Users can also target these feedback forms to specific groups of online visitors and gain insights into why they are not converting. Feedback can be visualised in customisable dashboards and charts for advanced analyses. To take it one step further, digital teams can share and take action on these feedback items in a timely manner with the help of smart alerts.


2. Feedbackify

Mopinion: The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital - Feedbackify

By way of a drag-and-drop editor, Feedbackify allows users to easily create feedback forms themselves. Installation is also very easy. All you have to do is copy and paste the code they provide you with into your website’s HTML and it’s ready to go. Your visitors can provide a rating as well as submit comments, including compliments and suggestions. Within this customer feedback tool, you can view all feedback received in a dashboard in real-time as well as filter by category and sub-category. Unfortunately this tool doesn’t offer advanced reporting or text analysis capabilities. But if you’re going for cheap and simple this is a great tool for you.


3. Qualaroo

Mopinion: The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital - Qualaroo

Qualaroo (formerly known as KISSinsights and part of KISSmetrics) is a customer feedback tool you can use to create short easy accessible surveys that usually appear at the bottom of your screen in a widget. You can easily conduct polls amongst your visitors and ask simple questions such as “What is your profession?”. This tool also includes a feature to set rules on where and which questions should be triggered. Qualaroo focuses primarily on data collection and isn’t suitable for data analysis. It does, however, offer solutions for enterprise companies.

4. WebEngage

Mopinion: The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital - WebEngage

WebEngage is a cost-effective customer feedback software that offers a feedback form and survey builder. This software can also be used to trigger the feedback forms depending on the visitor’s click behaviour. In addition to the survey widgets, WebEngage also offers possibilities to send out notifications on the website or in a mobile app, for example to highlight a promotion instead of a feedback request. Note: this tool is intended mainly for collection purposes and does not offer much in terms of analysis, e.g. text analysis.


5. Hotjar

Mopinion: The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital - Hotjar

Hotjar is seen as a swiss army knife of user experience tools, with software that combines multiple UX tools in one. This focus however means that it lacks a solid CX solution. Users can visualise visitor behaviour using click, move and scroll heatmaps. However, they can also collect visitor recordings (tracking sessions on the page) and carry out feedback polls. Surveys and polls can be triggered immediately after the page loads, after x amount of seconds, when the visitor wants to abandon the page or when they scroll halfway down the page. Feedback analysis and reporting are not available.

6. UserVoice

Mopinion: Top 15 Enterprise Feedback Management Software (EFM) - Uservoice

UserVoice is often used by marketers for the generation of and voting on ideas for new features of the website or app. Its focus lies in product management, providing users with the feedback they need to prioritise their product roadmap.

With applications such as “search-as-you-type”, you can immediately see whether another visitor has also experienced the same problem the moment you give feedback. This makes it easier to vote for it or to respond to it, so double discussions in your forum are avoided. Also UserVoice offers several options for forum moderation and management.

7. UseResponse

Mopinion: The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital - UseResponse

UseResponse is a considered slightly more inexpensive variant of UserVoice. It has the same focus as UserVoice – with product management & roadmapping being the number one priority – however, this provider offers a version you can host yourself with open sourced code. You only pay a one-time fee. Besides feedback and a forum, the package also includes a live chat client. It also includes a help desk with ticketing and a knowledge base software.


8. Usersnap

Mopinion: The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital - UserSnap

Usersnap allows users (typically web designers) to collect visual feedback through a JavaScript tag on their website. Often this feedback is used to determine if a new design is suitable for the website. By means of the feedback button you start a screen in which the user can make notes, add comments and circle certain elements. All visual feedback is sent as a screenshot. Unfortunately there are reporting options, but Usersnap does offer some nice integrations with several project management tools such as Slack, Basecamp, Trello and Jira.


9. OpinionLab

Mopinion: The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital - Opinionlab

Opinionlab is a popular Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform that collects customer feedback via standard surveys. Initially this tool focused on website feedback but it is now positioned a lot broader. This tool now also gathers feedback from other channels such as contact centres and shops. In addition, OpinionLab allows you to collect page-specific website feedback, much like the rest of the tools above.


10. Survicate

Mopinion: The Top 10 Best Alternatives to Medallia for Digital - Survicate

Our last alternative is Survicate. Using Survicate, you can trigger targeted surveys at different locations on your website or send out questionnaires via email to different customers. There is also a library of predefined surveys that users can choose from. In terms of analysis, this customer feedback tool has dashboarding capabilities, CSV and XLS exporting options and NPS analysis. While very cost-friendly, this tool does not provide any advanced analysis options. It’s purely focused on data collection.


Endless Alternatives

I hope this article has provided you with some direction in terms of choosing an alternative customer feedback tool to Medallia for Digital.

Keep in mind…
Knowing how to choose the right tool(s) for your business is still somewhat of a tricky game for many digital teams. This is attributed to the fact that customer feedback tools are very diverse in purpose. They use various collection techniques, collect different forms of feedback, report differently and provide different kinds of insights for the user.

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