Blog Round-Up: Online Feedback Articles of 2016

We’ve gathered some interesting articles from various online marketing portals and communities about customer feedback. These experts give their advice and opinions on various topics surrounding online feedback and we want to share it with you!

1. To drive value to your customers faster you need to re-shape your digital business

Mopinion: Blogs we Love - Red Badger article
Image: Red Badger

This insightful article emphasizes how businesses need to shift their focus to a leaner business model, with increased cross-departmental collaboration and bolder technology decisions in order to truly drive value for their customers. That’s right – getting rid of those silos and finding more “agile ways of working”.

Moreover, it stresses the value of continuously improving customer experience and maintaining a customer-driven approach throughout all processes. And how do they suggest we do this? By NOT fearing our customers.

Our thoughts:

We couldn’t agree more. For a feedback programme to be successful (and we’ve emphasized this before), tight lines of communication and cross-departmental collaboration are pivotal. In this way, all departments can work together to solve issues that arise from feedback in a systematic and productive manner.

And going back to the point about not fearing your customers – this is an interesting point as this greatly affects the way businesses view and utilise online feedback. As the author puts it, “your customers want to be your testers”, so let them! Not everyone has a perfect website when it is first launched, or even years later, so let your customers give you feedback.

Read full article: Red Badger

2. 5 reasons why feedback is important

Mopinion: Blogs we Love - Techooligan article
Image: Techooligan

This is a simple, yet to-the-point article about the value of feedbackThis is a simple, yet to-the-point article about the value of feedback. It lists five key reasons as to why feedback is so important for businesses. So if you’re in doubt as to whether or not you are going to start up feedback programme, this article might give you a general, but informative indication of how you and your business can benefit from it.

Our thoughts:

Feedback can motivate…
Customer feedback can be very effective in indicating where your weak points are on your website. And these insights (often including specific needs and requirements of the customer) have a tendency to drive businesses towards improvement initiatives.

Feedback can enhance performance…
This somewhat goes along with the last point in that feedback provides businesses with useful insights into their performance. And what a lot of companies fail to see is where they are lacking in performance. For example, perhaps there is a technical error within their ordering funnel causing many customers to dropping off and switch to a competitor. Meanwhile the business is entirely unaware of why they are leaving and where things are going sour in their processes.

Feedback is a tool for continuous learning…
This a really critical point. There are plenty of companies out there that think if they collect feedback once they have enough information to enhance processes and satisfy their customers in one go. This is a common misconception. By consistently collecting and analysing feedback, companies can continuously learn from their customers and therefore, continuously improve their products, services and funnels.

Read full article: Techooligan

3. How to Create a Customer Feedback Loop that Works on All Stages of the Funnel

Mopinion: Blogs we Love - YesInsights article
Image: YesInsights

This article explains the value of collecting feedback in all online funnels, as well as how each type of visitor (e.g. customers, long-term customers, ‘cold’ visitors, etc) must be targeted differently. So for example, in terms of user onboarding, it’s important to give these customers a good first impression and customer experience. In other words, ensure the website is both inviting and functional. What’s more, it touches on the gravity of capturing insights in the last step of the funnel (e.g. exit feedback in shopping cart).

Our thoughts:

All in all, this is a great article for understanding how critical each stage of the funnel is for collecting and analysing feedback. The only aspect it misses is taking action on the feedback. To be specific, there are various cases where it mentions how critical it is to collect contact information from potential leads in the funnel. But what must be done to best handle these hot leads in practice? We’ve got a great article that elaborates on this here.

Read full article: YesInsights

4. The Benefits of Negative Feedback

Mopinion: Blogs we Love - FeedBuck article
Image: FeedBuck

Feedbuck wrote an enlightening piece on how negative feedback can be twisted into something positive. It outlines a number of ways these not-so-delightful feedback items can be a huge help for companies in the long run. One of the most important being, “knowing where you went wrong”. The author explains how “it is extremely important to assess and find out the areas of concern”. Additionally, it describes how this understanding of how your customers feel about particular products, services or website functionality is an opportunity for betterment.

Our thoughts:

As you might’ve guessed, we are firm believers in customer feedback. Negative or positive… value can be extracted from all feedback. And while many businesses fear they will receive high volumes of negative feedback, they should remember that it is an opportunity for growth.

Read full article: FeedBuck

And there you have it, multiple expert opinions, perspectives and ideologies about online customer feedback – all in one blog! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

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