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Enhanced Exports: It’s live!

You spoke, we listened. With a little help from our customers, (and their useful feedback) we are always able to identify any issues within our system and quickly get to work improving our user’s experience. So, without further ado…


Welcome Enhanced Exports to the Mopinion platform!

From completely new features to the optimisation of existing elements, at Mopinion we make it our top priority to take all feedback into account during our evaluations and research. This exciting feature will both simplify and speed up the process of exporting feedback data to Excel for our users, making it easier for user’s to get even more out of their feedback.

Our team, via customer contact with the support team and within online feedback forms, received plenty of great feedback regarding the performance of the export feature. Thanks to the feedback we received, our team came to the understanding that the original feature wasn’t up to standard with the needs of the customers.

Check out this Behind the Feedback story to find out more about why we decided to improve the data export process, what we discovered in our user research and of course, what we did with the feedback from our users.


So what’s all the fuss about?

Before, users were having issues with creating an export. They found that the feature was not entirely intuitive and that the export was showing too much irrelevant information, like too many columns, for example.

Now, thanks to the wonderful feedback we collected, users who wish to create an export will now see a pop-up menu with a number of options which list the various filters the user can apply. With these new filters, the users can decide which information they want to export. On top of that, users can lay out a time period to narrow down the amount of feedback in an export.

Want to know more about enhanced exports? Read more about this handy feature in our knowledge base.

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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