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How to Install a Feedback Form in Magento

Customer feedback has become a very popular method for monitoring and optimising the online customer experience. The insights obtained from collecting customer feedback on your website or mobile app not only reveals which aspects of your website are problematic for your visitors, but also what works well. The easiest way to gather this feedback is using feedback forms. This is where Magento users are in luck. There are a number of feedback extensions available within the Magento Marketplace that enable these users to easily install a feedback form and start collecting customer feedback right away, and for free.

Want to learn how to install a feedback form in Magento? Then keep reading…

Why use feedback forms?

Applying online feedback forms to your Magento website can help you gauge which issues your customers are running into, why they are aren’t converting, and much more. Depending on the tool, these forms can usually be deployed on various pages and in a number of different ways, including via triggers such as exit intent, time on page or scrolling.

Feedback forms also often include a short series of questions that will make it easy for your visitors to submit their feedback in detail without taking too much of their time.

What should you ask in your feedback forms?

There are a number of different metrics as well as research elements you can choose to work with and add to your feedback forms.

Here is a short overview of the most popular metrics:

  • For optimising ‘page’ usability: You can use a passive feedback form (e.g. a feedback button in the app navigation) or visual feedback (e.g. users can add a screenshot if things aren’t functioning properly). This is the most universal option for collecting feedback.
  • For understanding / improving Customer Loyalty: Use Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and open comments.
  • For improving online (sales) funnels: Use Goal Completion Rate (GCR) or Customer Effort Score (CES) and open comments.

Free White Paper: The importance of A good Feedback Strategy

Learn about asking the right questions in an online feedback form to get the most out of it.

There are also several research elements you can incorporate into your form:

  • Single line input/text area: for capturing open-ended feedback from users.
  • Radio button/dropdown: With these elements users can only select one option (e.g. compliment, bug, suggestions, content, etc).
  • Checkbox: this element enables users to collect multiple answers from visitors in case more than one option applies.
  • Contact details: this is a great element for users who want to follow-up on feedback items.

For more detailed information, be sure to check out 5 Types of Online Feedback Form Questions.

How to install a feedback form in Magento (with the Mopinion extension)

The process for installing a feedback on Magento is rather simple. Let’s take a look…

1. Start by selecting and installing the Mopinion extension in the Magento Marketplace

Mopinion: How to Install a Feedback Form in Magento - Add to cart

2. Download the files and follow the steps for the standard extension installation

Not sure how to do this? Click here for instructions.

Mopinion: How to Install a Feedback Form in Magento - Download

Congratulations! The Mopinion feedback extension should be installed on your Magento website! That last step is to configure your feedback form.

3. Go to Stores > Settings > Mopinion Feedback Form

Mopinion: How to Install a Feedback Form in Magento - Settings

4. This will bring you to the settings page, where you can configure your form

You can choose to either append your form to the footer of your website or make use of an external Tag Management solution.

Mopinion: How to Install a Feedback Form in Magento -  Form Settings

For further configuration, for example, changing questions in the form, applying triggers or altering the design of your feedback form, go to and sign in using your login which was created upon installation.

Want to get started?

Install the Mopinion extension for free below.

Download the Extension

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