Mopinion: JS tag implementation website

JavaScript tag implementation website

Website implementation

For a website implementation, Mopinion delivers a Javascript tag. The script can be placed on all the URL’s of a domain, or the specific pages you want to deploy the Mopinion feedback forms. There are two possibilities to place the script on a webpage.

In the first case, the JavaScript-tag will directly be placed in the HTML of the page source. The Mopinion code needs to be placed just before the closing body tag: </body>.
The other implementation method is done with a tag manager, for instance: Google Tag Manager. The script will then be injected in the generated source code.

Compared to the first implementation option, the second method is less labour intensive. After all, the script requires only one setup and it also offers more flexibility. Expansion of (new) forms to (new) URL’s can be set via the tag manager. One condition for this way of implementation is, of course, the availability of a tag manager.

The Mopinion script will function identically, regardless of the mode of implementation. Based on the URL the designated form will be selected to be shown for that specific URL. In case an URL is excluded from showing a feedback form, logically the script will not show a feedback form on that URL.

Form appearance

There are two ways the form is able to show on a (mobile) website. The form can be shown in a grey transparent overlay (in a modal). Or the form is a part of the content and layout of the web page (which is called an embedded form). Additional implementation operations are not required when the form will be shown in a modal.

If a form is an integral element of the content and layout of the page (embedded), an additional < div > (html-element) needs to be implemented as well. The < div > is to be placed directly in the body of the HTML or inserted via the tag manager. It is important that the < div > is placed on the exact location in the HTML (DOM) as where the form should appear.

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