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Mopinion launches Exit Feedback Solution

The Mopinion Exit Feedback Solution will reveal why visitors leave your website at crucial moments.

Mopinion offers an innovative tool that helps companies gain better insight into their website’s visitors’ behaviour and motivation. You will be able to track down the problems customers encounter on your website during any important online process such as placing orders.

The insights collected through the Mopinion Exit Feedback solution will then allow you to improve your product offer and to increase conversion and customer loyalty. Feedback can be constantly accessed and analysed through the Mopinion platform.

How does it work?

The Mopinion Exit Feedback solution is based on a script that records visitor behaviour through mouse cursor movement. The minute the mouse cursor moves towards browser control features such as the ‘close’ button or the URL bar after a set period of time, a feedback form with a few crucial questions pops up. Visitors have the opportunity of leaving their contact details, which can then generate new sales leads, and the system guarantees that no customer will be asked the same questions twice. You can implement the Mopinion Exit Feedback Solution on different pages on your website. The Mopinion Suite will allow you to categorise all feedback into an easy-to-analyse information flow.

The advantages

Unlike many other ‘survey tools’ such as online questionnaires, your visitors will be able to voice their feedback in the moment and on the spot. Traditional online surveys are not always reliable and even less efficient. Moreover, they are often made up of long questionnaires hardly appreciated by most consumers. The Mopinion Exit Feedback Solution, however, records your data not only page by page but also during the different stages of your website. Whenever a visitor encounters problems in the order process, you will know immediately when and where exactly this happened.

The advantages of the Mopionion Exit Feedback Solution:

  • Conversion and retention: increase your online sales by optimising your funnels and generating new sales leads.
  • Analysis and control system: Mopinion Suite categorises your feedback according to different topics, provides you with real-time insights into the most important statistics, and guarantees an easy and efficient control system.
  • Tailor-made: Mopinion will create a customised and tailor-made Exit Feedback Form with your very own logo and text input. You decide on when exactly to activate the feedback form and what percentage of visitors to address.
  • Quality: Mopinion will guide you in the implementation of your feedback form. Your feedback questions will never push your visitors into a specific direction and will always be collected in the most objective and careful way possible.
  • High response: When using traditional passive forms, the feedback response rate of website visitors lies around 0,1% to 0,2%. Mopinion Exit feedback response can rise up to 10%.

Mopinion Icons

  • Collect unlimited feedback
  • Free 14 day trial