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June Product Update: featuring the new feedback API

Once again, thanks to the feedback from our customers, the Mopinion team was able to come out with some nice, new updates and features that were released this month!

Mopinion is proud to announce that the following are now available within our Feedback Analytics software:

  • Optimised Excel Export Function
  • Improved Performance in Dashboard and Chart Loading
  • New API to retrieve feedback from Mopinion software
  • New Help Section (in Navigation)

Optimised Excel Export Function

For those of you who prefer carrying out your feedback analyses in Excel, we’ve got good news for you. Mopinion has optimised the Excel export function so that rather than exporting all feedback items at once, users can now export with filters in place. In other words, if you make a filtered view in your feedback results, whether you filter on scores, browser types, feedback items that include comments, etc, this function can export the feedback data into Excel, including labeled columns.

Mopinion: June Product Update - Excel Export

Note: this function is for those who have a strong preference in using Excel.
Mopinion’s software is very much capable of analysing all feedback items and in real-time. It allows you to visualise all feedback in personalised dashboards and charts, provides text analysis for open comments and includes a tag function which enables users to tag (or categorise) different items as they come in.

Improved Performance in Dashboard and Chart Loading

We’re speeding things up in the analysis department. Mopinion’s dashboards allow users to analyse lots of different feedback data sets in various charts. These charts make it easier to visualise the feedback collected as well as cross-analyse and monitor results.

In the previous situation, when users opened up their dashboard to view these charts, a single loading icon appeared which was present until all charts were loaded before fading away and enabling users to view the dashboard in its entirety.

Mopinion: June Product Update - Dashboard and charts

With the latest improvements, now when users open up their dashboard, the dashboard loads right away while every chart loads separately. This improves overall loading of the page dramatically and increases availability of the dashboard.

New API to Retrieve Feedback from Mopinion Software

Another great release worthy of mentioning and one that Mopinion is really proud of is the new feedback API. This new API will enable developers (of our clients or from other external tools) to extract the feedback they’ve collected using Mopinion’s software and use it for their own purposes.

Mopinion: June Product Update - API documentation

It also serves as a bridge for integrating this feedback with other apps or tools. For example, users can add feedback directly into a Slack channel or into their preferred project management tools, such as JIRA or Trello. This gives our users more flexibility in terms of analysis and action management.

The developer documentation for the new API can be found here as well as under the ‘Resources’ tab on our website.

New ‘Help’ Section (in Navigation)

Lastly, Mopinion users, once logged in, now have access to various resources in the new ‘Help’ menu (located at the top of the page in the navigation). What’s included here?

Mopinion: June Product Update - Help Option in Navigation

  • Search directly in Knowledge Base documents: The recently launched knowledge base is a self-service online library of articles intended to help users with the Mopinion software. To read more about what the knowledge base offers, be sure to check out this article and of course, the knowledge base itself!
  • Email Support: Users can directly send their questions and inquiries to the Mopinion support team using this button. All they have to do is type in their question and submit it using the ‘Send message’ button.
  • Give us Feedback: While logged into the platform, users can also provide Mopinion with any feedback they have (in them moment) including, suggestions, typos, page errors, etc and submit it directly.
  • Developer API documents: This is a direct link to the aforementioned, API developer documentation.
  • Chat Option: The last option in the help section is the live chat. User can use this button to chat with a Mopinion representative.

What are your thoughts?

As previously mentioned, your feedback is always welcome as we are constantly striving to improve our software to suit the needs of our users. Do you have ideas or suggestions? Please leave them in the comment box below.

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