Leroy Merlin chooses Mopinion to shape online VoC programme

With more than 23,000 employees and 130+ stores across France, Leroy Merlin is the leading DIY retail brand in France – in the market of home improvement and gardening. The brand is not limited to an in-store offer. Leroy Merlin France also has a strong digital ecosystem with a fast growing website.

As of 2019, Leroy Merlin’s corporate website (www.leroymerlin.fr) typically welcomes more than 31 million visitors per month. Having so many online visitors, however, also presents a few challenges for the brand. The biggest of those challenges is guaranteeing their visitors a simple, pleasant and intuitive online experience.

‘Listening to the online VoC is part of our DNA’

Since the company’s founding, Leroy Merlin has always attached great importance to the Voice of the Customer (VoC). This has been part of the company’s DNA and brand for a very long time. The objective is now to expand its customer listening strategy to its digital channels. This will give its online visitors the opportunity to express themselves directly regarding their experience during their online journey.

It was the logical next step for Leroy Merlin. And with the emergence of user feedback collection software such as Mopinion, our digital team is now able to identify our online customers pain points faster and improve the customer experience

Nicolas Haese, Customer Experience Manager at Leroy Merlin France

Mopinion: Leroy Merlin chooses Mopinion to shape online VoC programme - Feedback Form
Screenshot: Feedback Form on the Leroy Merlin website.

According to Haese, by deploying Mopinion on its website, the brand intends to better understand the online user journey and respond more precisely to the expectations and needs of its customers.

These are new inputs that will allow us to continue to develop our website, in partnership with our users. This way, we will be able to better meet their demands.

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‘An easy-to-use software with advanced features’

Leroy Merlin believes Mopinion offers a software that is easy to use and has advanced features.

The decision to select Mopinion as our feedback software provider was based on the functional richness of the tool (equal to our needs), the easy-to-use interface and the ease of integration with our website (in compliance with our IT constraints), as well as the quality commercial relationship we have established with one another and the responsiveness of the Mopinion support team.

Mopinion: Leroy Merlin chooses Mopinion to shape online VoC programme - Building
Source: Magazine Imobiliário

As part of the development of the brand’s website, the feedback collected through Mopinion will serve as an additional element that will complement the existing data.

Our objectives are relatively simple: collect feedback from our online users, measure the satisfaction of these users and ensure the improvement of their satisfaction. Thanks to Mopinion, we believe we can achieve these strategic goals.

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

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