New user interface Mopinion Raspberry moves out of beta

The Mopinion Raspberry user interface has officially moved out of beta and is now ready to serve all customers. After successfully tweaking the platform for over a year, the team is fully confident that this new user interface will provide seamless experience for digital-first enterprises looking to set up their user feedback programmes.

After all, our main goal here at Mopinion is to make feedback easy for you.

A year of beta testing…

In early 2020 Mopinion proudly launched Mopinion Raspberry in beta. The release was a major milestone for Mopinion and its users as it not only tied together all of the same, favourite functionalities of its precursor, but also enabled users to conveniently collect and manage their feedback in a more effortless manner.

Beta testing Mopinion Raspberry

The beta phase gave Mopinion the time and space to optimise critical features within Mopinion Raspberry. The new interface was tested by a large group of users, giving us the feedback we need to continue development and provide the best possible product.

Why Mopinion Raspberry is so great…

So what’s all the fuss about? Here’s why you should switch over to Mopinion Raspberry right away…

Feedback Everywhere…

Now your feedback is accessible and actionable in all of the right places. Whether you’re in your feedback dashboard, surfing through your feedback forms overview page, getting in touch with customer emotions on your text and sentiment analysis dashboard, or utilising your data explorer or feedback inbox, you’ve got easy access to feedback that’s just one click away. Click through to view relevant open comments and important metadata (i.e. OS, URL or user agent) and take the appropriate actions with the help of assigning tasks and notes.

Keeping context

Creating feedback forms has never been easier. Raspberry lets you drag and drop form elements into your form grid, giving you a direct preview of the form while you’re working! The new interface gives you all of the elements and form building options you need without even leaving the form builder. Curious how your form looks on a desktop or mobile device? Raspberry enables you to view the results of the changes you made directly via an integrated preview mode.

Feedback form preview on mobile device

Seamless data exploration

Analysing your feedback data should be fun and easy. With Raspberry, our users can visualise data in charts, compare it with other data and apply filters to drill down on obstacles in the online journey. Our dashboards are fully customisable both in terms of data visualisation but also order and appearance of charts, thanks to the free grid. Viewing your feedback in the feedback inbox? No problem, the latest optimisations help you easily browse through your feedback items without going back and forth or waiting for the page to reload.

Time to make the switch!

Currently using Mopinion Classic? Be sure to switch over to Raspberry fast, because as of June 30th Mopinion Classic will no longer be supported. And don’t worry about losing your data…

The user interface is what is called ‘backwards compatible’, meaning our system offers interoperability with the classic UI. All of your settings (i.e. feedback forms, tagging, dashboards) will remain the same in Mopinion Raspberry. As for your feedback data itself, this is managed using a standalone web service, meaning the new UI will not have any effect on existing feedback data or the feedback collection process.

Switching over is easy. Just click on your Account and click on Switch to Mopinion Raspberry.

Switch to Raspberry

More to come!

In addition to some cool new features exclusive to Raspberry such as feedback translations and several native integrations, we’re also working on some new and game-changing features such as conversational feedback and in-app notifications.

Stay tuned for the latest Raspberry product update – coming soon!

Ready to see Mopinion in action?

Want to learn more about Mopinion’s all-in-1 user feedback platform? Don’t be shy and take our software for a spin! Do you prefer it a bit more personal? Just book a demo. One of our feedback pro’s will guide you through the software and answer any questions you may have.

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