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How NCSA builds better products with user feedback

Mopinion is proud to share that NCSA – the largest collegiate athletic recruiting marketplace – has joined the Mopinion family. NCSA works with athletes and families, as well as club, high school and college coaches by providing online tools, educational resources and personalised support to help navigate the college recruiting process. Their products match potential college athletes with college coaches, ensuring athletes and coaches find their right college fit.


Their online marketplace is essential in connecting coaches and athletes with the dream to compete at the college level, and therefore requires close monitoring…

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“Customer feedback is essential for our company, not only to ensure successful results for our clients, but also to have real-time data on product feature adoption and trends to ensure products remain user-friendly while staying at the peak of digital innovation within our industry. Nothing can replace capturing feedback from a user actively engaged with your product.”

– Angie Truby, Consumer Insights Manager at NCSA

In fact, customer feedback drives NCSA’s digital strategy and vision.

“We like to practice continuous feedback from our users. At our scale, being able to capture feedback in surveys and match that with high fidelity user interviews provides us with the insights we need to build better products.”

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Why NCSA chose Mopinion

NCSA selected Mopinion because they were in need of a lightweight survey tool that could easily be integrated and function well within all of their websites and mobile apps.

“Mopinion allows us to quickly deploy customised surveys without development. The fact we can deploy surveys on different pages/screens, for different users and turn them on/off without development has been essential.”

NCSA also really appreciates the fact that Mopinion allows unlimited responses – as that helps take the worry and guesswork out of surveying. The team can easily view their data in the Mopinion dashboard for analysis.

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“We use Mopinion to facilitate interviews with users actively using our software/app. The perfect scenario for our user interviews is to be able to connect with a user who has come to your product under their own volition and talk to them as close to that moment as possible.”

Useful insights for the product team

Once the team identifies an area of the product they are focused on, they create a short survey with a few questions and a call-to-action for visitors to speak with their product team.

“Our product team blocks out their schedule for a few hours and we turn-on the survey. Once we’ve been able to connect with a few users, we can quickly turn the survey off.”

“Mopinion has already saved us so much time because we can run long-term surveys as well as solicit real-time user participants for 30-minute in depth interviews – a technique that proved to drastically increase the show rate for our interviews and saved our team quite a bit of frustration.”

NCSA continues to use the Mopinion software in rather novel ways.

“We are very thankful for Mopinion as they supply us with the tools we need to launch any survey we can imagine quickly and easily.”

Great to have you on board, NCSA! Here’s to many more great consumer insights!

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