How to take a Strategic Approach to Experimentation

Welcome back to 360 Digital! Last month we launched Mopinion’s brand new podcast series 360 Digital. In our very first episode, we talked qualitative and quantitative data with UX Expert Laura Klein. However, this month we’re switching gears and zooming in on a topic that will be especially interesting for those of you interested in conversion initiatives. That’s right, our focus will be on How to take a Strategic Approach to Experimentation. Sexy, right?

For this episode, we sat down with Stephen Pavlovich – Founder and Managing Director of – an experimentation agency that optimises customer experience, product and pricing for major companies such as Facebook, Domino’s and UNICEF.

A brand new episode with Stephen Pavlovich on 360 Digital

How to take a Strategic Approach to Experimentation

In this episode, Stephen reveals how digital enterprises can set up a successful, data-driven experimentation process. He outlines how to set up your goals as well as how your framework should look like for the best results, from which KPIs you should be measuring and how to target your personas. He also takes it one step further outlining how your organisation can apply this framework on various digital channels and most importantly, once everything is set up, how you can prioritise your next steps!

Ready to get your organisation up to speed with what it takes to set up a strategic and long-lasting experimentation program?

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