Hottest Mopinion blogs of 2020

Top 10 Hottest Mopinion Blogs of 2020

The year 2020 is drawing to a close and as tradition goes, we’d like to take a moment and reflect on this past year’s most popular blog posts. In well over 100 blog posts, we’ve covered everything from the launch of our brand new user interface (Mopinion Raspberry) and a variety of SaaS-related articles to an all-encompassing guide to user feedback and other important digital trends grabbing hold of the market.

So which ones were your favourites?

Here are our top 10 Hottest Blog Posts of 2020:

1. Mopinion launches next generation user interface Mopinion Raspberry

Interface Mopinion Raspberry - image

As you all know this was headline news at the beginning of this year! Mopinion had just beta launched its brand new user interface Mopinion Raspberry giving users the opportunity to switch back and forth between the existing (Classic) interface and Mopinion Raspberry. This was a major milestone for Mopinion as it not only tied together all of the same, favourite functionalities of its precursor, but also enabled users to conveniently collect and manage their feedback in a more effortless manner.

Since the launch, the team has been working hard to apply the valuable user feedback we’ve received and using it towards the improvement of the interface and its usability. Curious about the latest improvements to Mopinion Raspberry? Check out this post and stay tuned for our latest product updates.

Read the full article here.

2. The State of CX in 2020

State of CX (customer experience) in 2020 - image

As with every year, Mopinion’s annual State of CX was quite the popular read this year. Filled with expert insights into the movements within the market, including market consolidation and acquisitions, as well as the latest trends in CX and a word from some well-known CX enthusiasts such as Sue Duris, Adam Toporek, Richard Owen and Nate Brown, this post is sure to catch you up on the latest developments of this year.

Ready to get caught up? Check out the full report here.

3. How to validate your testing with online user feedback

How to validate your testing with online user feedback - image

Experimentation and user testing was also a popular blog topic in 2020, which is why we decided to indulge our readers in a practical and educational post about how to use online feedback alongside your testing efforts. Why? Because while many organisations have incorporated testing techniques such as A/B testing and split testing into their digital strategies, they still lack the contextual insights they need to make these tests a true success. And that is where online user feedback can provide a lot of value.

Read to add an extra dimension to your testing efforts? Check out this post.

4. 40+ Great Resources and Online Tools for Remote Working

40 Great Resources & Online Tools for Remote Working - Image

Remote working has become the norm for many employees and we thought we might address that. This new way of working has generated a wave of resources which have enabled a smooth transition for these struggling organisations. With a myriad of online tips to consult and round up articles outlining the top tools to keep communications and management closely-knit, it is quite overwhelming to cut through all the noise. So we wanted to make it easier for you. This post rounds up the best resources across the web in one place.

Haven’t had a chance to read this post yet? Then check it out here!

5. The Rise of SaaS Solutions in an increasingly Remote Workforce

Mopinion: The Rise of SaaS Solutions in an increasingly Remote Workforce - Image

Along with the post above, we also saw a great deal of interest in our post about SaaS solutions and how they’ve profited from the crisis. In this post, Mopinion dives into why this newfound remote workforce has recently revealed a lot of the benefits of working with SaaS solutions.

Discover more about the benefits of working with SaaS solutions, challenges that remain for SaaS solution providers (and users!) and which SaaS solutions have recently become the most popular!

Find out more by reading the full article here.

6. A Guide to In-App Feedback for Financial Institutions

A Guide to In-App Feedback for Financial Institutions - image 1

With the influx of mobile apps across the industry, competition is high. This means financial organisations must continuously optimise their mobile app(s), stay innovative and listen to what they’re customers are saying. And this is where in-app feedback plays an important role..

This in-depth guide provides finance companies with all of the ins and outs of collecting and analysing in-app feedback. From reasons to collect in-app feedback, three main methods for collecting this feedback and some tips on how to collect in-app feedback in practice.

Read the full post here.

7. The Complete Guide to User Feedback

The Complete Guide to User Feedback - image

Did you know? User feedback is more than meets the eye. There are various strategies for collecting and analysing user feedback – all of which depend on your organisation’s goals, the digital channels you’re using (i.e. website feedback, mobile feedback and email feedback) and of course, how you wish to proceed with the feedback you’re given.

This guide gives you everything you need to know about creating a fully-fledged user feedback program. From the types of user feedback you can use to feedback metrics, tips for collecting feedback, which software you can choose from and more.

Jumpstart your user feedback program today with this guide!

8. Mopinion launches brand new podcast 360 Digital

Mopinion launches brand new podcast 360 Digital - image

Another hot topic this year was the launch of Mopinion’s brand new podcast 360 Digital; a podcast that tackles a variety of different topics under what we call the ‘digital umbrella’. From best practices in User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization to the latest trends and innovations in Customer Experience and Digital Marketing, we have an episode for just about every digital role!

Each month we interview a new expert from one of these fields, during which they are asked to share meaningful insights, tips and tricks that will help listeners in enhancing their digital strategies. In the first two episodes, we dipped our toes in the topics of quantitative and qualitative data and experimentation with special guests Laura Klein and Stephen Pavlovich.

Be sure to check out this post and listen to any of these episodes on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more.

9. How SaaS companies can improve their CX

How SaaS companies can improve their CX - image

Did you know? Some of the best SaaS companies have achieved long-term success because of their obsession with the customer experience (CX). In this top 10 post of 2020, Mopinion outlines why the customer experience is so important for SaaS companies, along with some helpful tips for improving your customer experience as a SaaS company.

Looking for your ticket to a better customer experience? Be sure to check out this post!

10. Top 27 Tools for your Martech Stack in 2020

Tools for your Martech Stack in 2020 - image

And lastly, there’s the ever-popular round up of Martech tools for 2020! The reason we posted this one is because we know very well that having the right tools in your toolbelt is a fundamental part of being a successful digital marketer. In fact, it’s almost impossible for digital marketers nowadays to perform their daily tasks without the assistance of these tools; tools that help automate processes and save precious time and money, ensuring a good return on marketing investment.

So we decided to make it easier for digital marketers and gather all of the best tools for your Martech stack this year. Curious which tools made the cut?

Check out the post here!

Obviously not all of our hot blog posts made the cut this year, so if you’d like to check out our other posts, feel free to browse the Mopinion blog here!

A special thanks…

We’d also like to take this opportunity to extend a special thanks to our readers. Your feedback this year has given us the input we need to continue providing the invaluable content and resources around all things digital. And as our readership continues to climb in the coming year, we aim to expand our resources to more digital roles as well as more industries, giving you the insights required for a successful digital strategy.

We’ve got plenty more blog posts on the menu for 2021 that we hope will further guide you in enhancing your online feedback programme and we can’t wait to get started!

Here’s to a content-rich and successful 2021!

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