What can your industry expect in terms of online feedback volumes?

Got your digital customer feedback programme up and running but not sure what to expect in terms of feedback volumes? You’re not alone – many businesses are in the same boat. Why is this difficult to gauge?

The truth is, no one industry is the same. The interactions between a visitor and a website often differ greatly per industry. For example, someone visiting a local government website has a very different set of goals in mind than someone browsing an eCommerce website. Additionally, feedback volumes tend to vary depending on how feedback is collected (either through a feedback button or using event-driven feedback).

In this infographic, we take a closer look at the overall volumes of feedback per industry and how the private and public sectors compare as well as some other interesting figures. Check it out:

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Want to learn more about the feedback trends in your industry? Stay tuned for more industry-specific infographics.

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