The Economic Board’s kick off with Mopinion software

The Economic Board recently started collecting customer feedback using Mopinion software. Curious as to their motives with our software, Mopinion decided to dig a little deeper and learn more about their intentions with our software as well as feedback goals in general. The Economic Board is a Triple Helix collaboration between government, knowledge institutes and the business community in the region of Arnhem – Nijmegen (the Netherlands), including Wageningen. They communicate about the exceptional potential of the region and connect parties with one another.

Using the hashtag #Lifeport, various stories are shared that give the region a face.

Anne Kregting - The Economic Board

Anne Kregting, Content Specialist at The Economic Board, fills us in…

“Our website is intended to show the added value of The Economic Board compared to other initiatives in the region. The Economic Board provides a platform for initiatives, developments and activities in the region. Among other things, we help the region promote the field of Food, Health and Energy and we think it’s important that our target groups know where to find us (online) for questions and further support.”

Collaboration with Mopinion

economic board

At the moment, the Mopinion software is completely up and running on the Economic Board’s website. The organisation chose Mopinion’s software because they wanted insight into whether they are actually reaching the previously mentioned target group.

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“We also wanted to know if our visitors are finding the information they need. And of course, we want to know if this is easily achieved, or if the process is (unnecessarily) complicated. We do this by collecting Customer Effort Score, ” explains Anne.

By measuring the Customer Effort Score, organisations can obtain insight into how much effort it took the visitor to reach his/her online goal. Read more here about how you can collect feedback focused on the Customer Effort Score.

“The goal was to be able to better tailor the content to the visitor using the customer feedback, so that our target groups knows where to find us better.”

Collecting feedback in practice

The Economic Board makes use of passive feedback button at the bottom left of their website. The feedback button was carefully crafted to match the house style of The Economic Board so as not to disturb the visitor but still be noticeable.

economic board

The organisation makes use of the MMM principle. Monitor, the collection of feedback. Manage, the analysis of data. And Master, taking action and making improvements to the customer experience. The feedback form alternates with open, closed and multiple choice questions. And because the feedback form is filled in as a pop-up, visitors do not leave the current webpage and can later continue where they left off after they’ve completed the feedback form.

So what are the results?

At the moment, it’s still too early for The Economic Board to draw any conclusions regarding the feedback. The next step is to evaluate whether the content meets the needs of the customer and whether the user experience needs to be improved. The Economic Board is very curious where they are now and how the content strategy can further be refined in the future.

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