De Jong Intra Vakanties supports online vision with feedback

Having been around for more than 45 years, de Jong Intra Vakanties is one of the most well-known Dutch travel organisations. In fact, earlier this year, the organisation received an 8.9 score from its customers and won the Reisgraag Award in the category: All-round Tour Operator.

Travelers who book vacations at de Jong Intra Vakanties do so by either going to their physical travel agencies or by visiting the website. Booking a vacation online is not always an easy decision. The customer journey is complex and customers often use multiple devices and a lot of time to think things over before a trip is actually booked.

De Jong Intra Vakanties wants to gain a better insight in the customer experience through feedback to optimize the customer journey.

Marvin Soekra (E-Commerce Manager) and Jeroen Straatman (UX Designer) at de Jong Intra Vakanties go into more detail…

Hoe klantfeedback de jong intra vakanties ondersteunt - marvin soekra

We all say that the customer comes first, but how can you really deliver on that? With feedback from your customers, you receive valuable insights that you need in order to do just that. You don’t have to speculate, but rather you can improve the customer journey by using facts.

Marvin Soekra, E-Commerce Manager at de Jong Intra Vakanties

The Challenge

De Jong Intra Vakanties has the following online vision: to answer every question the customer has. And due to the wide assortment of trips offered, this remains a big challenge…

Almost two years ago, de Jong Intra Vakanties was in search of a feedback tool, when they came across two suitable solutions, Mopinion and Usabilla.

‘We were enthusiastic about what Mopinion could deliver and at what price. Mopinion offers many ways to collect feedback for different purposes in a user friendly environment, so we went ahead with Mopinion software. We already had some ideas about the needs of our customers and where our problems lie. But we still needed some additional insight into the customer experience so as not to speculate.’

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The Solution

De Jong Intra Vakanties uses different feedback forms at different touchpoints across the website.

‘Thanks to feedback, we have been able to improve a number of touchpoints along the customer journey. Mopinion has given us the opportunity to discover if the assumptions we had were correct. With the results of the feedback, we’ve been able to perform A/B tests and adjust the customer journey.’

More specifically, de Jong Intra Vakanties uses various KPIs and feedback forms to measure customer satisfaction.

Hoe klantfeedback de jong intra vakanties ondersteunt

‘Using Customer Effort Score (CES), we measure how much effort it takes for our customers to reach his/her online goal. We do this in the broadest sense of the word, so that we have an indication of this effort. We also use Goal Completion feedback forms to find out if online goals are being achieved. And if not, why not.’

Additionally, the travel organisation collects exit feedback. For example, if someone wants to leave the booking form, a feedback form will appear. This helps de Jong Intra Vakanties understand why someone doesn’t complete the booking process and why he/she wants to leave the website.

We are always curious about what customers think of our content. How does the customer experience the product page? So our product pages, as well as theme pages and landing pages are all equipped with customer feedback buttons.

Marvin Soekra continues…

‘I actually expected more negative responses from customers about the appearance of the feedback but to my surprise, they responded quite well. We are aware that our customers encounter popups and feedback forms everywhere during the customer journey, including on other websites and mobile apps, and that is why we are very conscious in choosing when we want to ask for customer feedback. Timing is essential…’

Hoe klantfeedback de jong intra vakanties ondersteunt -arc de triomph

The Result

Jeroen Straatman, UX Designer at de Jong Intra Vakanties works with Mopinion software on a daily basis. He is currently working on the automating feedback with the tagging system. Creating the tagging was not entirely a smooth process but thanks to the good and fast support from Mopinion, this was quickly remedied.

Artificial intelligence tagging in particular is one of the nice pluses of using Mopinion software. This allows you to quickly and easily see certain topics within your feedback that you can immediately zoom in on and view the details.

Jeroen Straatman, UX Designer at de Jong Intra Vakanties

Hoe klantfeedback de jong intra vakanties ondersteunt -jeroen straatman

As a UX Designer, you want to make the online user experience as pleasant as possible. Customer feedback showed that there were many questions about the Payments topic. For example, it was unclear when and how to pay. Once this information was known, A/B tests were carried out and the product page now clearly states how the payment process works so that the customer knows what to expect and what it entails. Updating this page has given us increased conversions on this product page.’

That being said, we look forward to a long and prosperous continued relationship with de Jong Intra Vakanties.

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