What is a website feedback button?

What is a website feedback button?

A website feedback button is a tab or icon that is used to collect feedback from online visitors and customers while they are on your website. These buttons are usually located on the side or at the bottom of a web page so that they are easy for the visitor to find. In order to submit feedback, visitors click on the feedback button and an online feedback form will appear.

To understand the real value of a website feedback button it’s a good idea to learn how they work and the various benefits they can offer your business. Let’s take a look.

What does a website feedback button do?

Starting off, it’s important to be aware of the fact that there are two different methods for initiating feedback forms on website: an active approach and a passive approach. Active feedback forms are company-initiated forms that appear on the page. These are often triggered based on business rules that the marketer defines (e.g. when a customer reaches a certain goal on the website, or when a visitor leaves the page). Alternatively, there are passive feedback forms. These forms differ from active forms in that they are user-initiated and are visible on the website in the form of a website feedback button.

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Website feedback buttons can be placed on any page of the website and with some tools, also in various positions, e.g. at the top right, on the left or at the bottom. In fact, having it on all web pages can never hurt as it gives the customer the chance to provide feedback whenever they want.

Mopinion: What is a website feedback button? - Feedback Button Position

Note: floating buttons, or feedback buttons that are always visible on the screen, tend to have the best conversion rates in terms of feedback volumes.

Once the visitor clicks on one of these feedback buttons, a feedback form will appear, for example as an overlay (in a modal), or as a slide-in form from the side or bottom of the screen. Often the form is very simple in nature, the contents of a passive feedback form are likely to consist of just 2 to 3 questions that are intended to gauge page usability. Here is an example:

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Source: MailShop

To learn more about building online feedback forms, check out this article.

What are the benefits of a website feedback button?

There are lots of advantages to using a website feedback button for gathering customer insights. Here is our list of the top benefits:

  • Having a button in place sends the message that your company welcomes feedback and therefore, values the opinions of its customers.
  • Easily available for visitors as it is almost always visible. They do not have to search to provide feedback.
  • Can be placed on any page of your website and in various positions depending on your website design.
  • Keeps customers on a digital path. In other words, a feedback button can divert customers from providing their feedback via traditional channels, such as call centres.
  • Insights gained from website feedback buttons can be used to optimise your website’s usability and improve the customer experience.
  • Keeps negative feedback off of social media portals.

Our advice?

Now that you’re familiar with the long list of benefits associated with using a website feedback button, don’t sell yourself short. While the presence of these buttons can help you capture great insights into page usability, combining them with active feedback forms can make for an even stronger feedback programme. With active feedback forms, you essentially make more room for things like ‘in-the-moment’ feedback. For example, when a customer is about to leave your website or abandon their shopping cart. These are all certainly key insights for improving the overall customer experience.

Many marketers tend to focus on the front-end and collecting feedback when first starting out, however, the real challenge lies in the steps you take to analyse and extract insights from this data , so don’t stop at collection.

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