How real-time alerts can help effectively manage your webshop

How real-time feedback alerts can help effectively manage your webshop

If someone told you they had some very powerful information that might make or break your webshop, would you want to hear it right away or just wait until tomorrow? Most of us would want that information on our desk in a heartbeat, which is why many businesses nowadays are using real-time feedback alerts (also known as smart alerts) to monitor the online customer experience.

In a previous blog we took a closer look at real-time customer feedback which is essentially a type of data collection, in which you receive live feedback from visitors on your website or mobile app. With this feedback, you can immediately see the needs and wishes of your visitors as well as monitor for potential problems such as bugs or missing information along the customer journey. In the blog, we mainly focused on how you can manage and visualise all of this real-time data.

How real-time feedback alerts can help effectively manage your webshop

However, now we’d like to take it one step further and touch on the importance of actioning these feedback insights using a real-time feedback alerts.

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Taking action on your online feedback

Have you ever heard of the expression ‘closing the loop’? This is a key concept in customer experience management. It is essentially the gateway to increased online conversions and loyal customers. So, while collecting and interpreting data effectively is critical, what use is it if you don’t act upon your findings?

Bring all of that hard work to a useful conclusion by setting up a meaningful action management system for yourself and your colleagues. Not only can you use it to follow up on feedback items (externally) but also to delegate and track tasks assigned to colleagues (internally). You can learn more about the different types of action management tools available in Mopinion’s software in this blog post. Of all these tools, however, perhaps one of the most convenient is the real-time alert.

What is a real-time alert?

A real-time alert is a real-time notification that is triggered by any criteria of your choice. For example, say you have a webshop and want to be alerted every time the word “payment” is mentioned in your feedback items. You can set up an alert to do just that.

Example of setting up a real-time alert in Mopinion software
Image: Mopinion Feedback Analytics Software

And if you want to know more, you can even take it one step further.
Let’s say you want to be alerted in real time every time the word “payment” is used and a rating of 5 out of 10 or less is given. This is also possible with smart alerts. The goal here is to make sure that you never overlook an issue that needs to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Why are real-time feedback alerts important?

Put simply, real-time alerts can directly contribute to higher conversion rates. Being able to surface and address customer problems in real time means you can win back potential, lost customers. If a visitor leaves you feedback while abandoning the basket due to a technical issue then you can phone or email them right away and take that order manually before they leave and place an order on another webshop. Additionally, the care and attention you show by reacting so swiftly will almost certainly leave a positive impression on that customer, which consequently should increase their likelihood of returning.

How real-time feedback alerts can help effectively manage your webshop

Stop using yesterday’s data

Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics are great for tracking what your visitors are doing on your website. However, if you want to see what your customers are doing while it’s happening and be able to solve their issues in the moment, then stop using yesterday’s data and start monitoring your webshop in real time.

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