What is real-time customer feedback?

Real-time customer feedback is a type of qualitative data collection, in which you receive live feedback from visitors on your website or mobile app. With real-time customer feedback, you can immediately see the needs and wishes of your visitors as well as monitor for potential problems such as bugs or missing information in the customer journey.

The days when companies only competed based on price or quality are over. We are entering the era in which the customer comes first. Within the digital landscape, it is becoming easier for consumers to switch providers. It is, therefore, essential to listen to the online customer and act accordingly. If you don’t do this, consumers will switch over to your competitors in no time.

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The advantage of real-time customer feedback

Instead of having to guess the needs of the customer, you can also apply real-time customer feedback in places where you want more insight. In the past it took days, weeks and sometimes even months before you discovered where your customers were running into problems. And by the time the problem was solved, these customers were already long gone and subsequently, never came back.

Without real-time customer feedback, organisations nowadays aren’t able to survive in the jungle of competition. The use of real-time customer feedback is one of the best ways to give your customers’ opinions a prominent position in your organisation. This technology makes it possible to know exactly what your customers are saying the moment they say it, so you can intervene right away if necessary.

How do you handle real-time customer feedback?

Customers do not only want to provide real-time feedback, but they also want companies to handle their feedback right away. At present there are several software systems on the market that allow you to collect and analyse real-time customer feedback easily.

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The customer feedback you collect can be displayed all at once in real-time using a dashboard. At a glance, you can see if there is any negative feedback, in which case you or your team can get to work on a solution. Involve both your colleagues and the client and keep people informed on the progress. This involvement gives customers the feeling that you are actually listening to them and taking them seriously, which results in higher customer satisfaction. Real-time feedback provides immediate insights into customer feedback, customer-oriented thinking with the organisation and ultimately, happier and more loyal customers.

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